SuperHo-Ho-Hosting’s Christmas Checklist for 2017

Ho-Ho-Ho! The year passed quickly and during its last days we listen to Jingle Bells in our office, we receive and send numerous presents, as meanwhile we are also taking stock of the last 12 months. It seems that 2017 surpassed our expectations and it turned to be a Super year, shared with you – our Super customers!

So we prepared a checklist to see what we’ve achieved and make you a part of our pre-Christmas excitement.

  • Since everyone needs a backup plan we improved even more our Bacкup Manager which enables you to download a full website copy or backup of separate directories and databases.
  • One of our most popular tools is WordPress Manager as it allows you to manage your WP website quickly and easily. We added new features to the WordPress Manager at the beginning of this year and by mid-year it also acquired additional Super powers.
  • To stay tuned with the latest trends we released the SuperHosting Speed-Up section in cPanel where you can access tools for speeding up your website. One of them is very special and it was developed in 2017. SuperCache is a tool which makes your websites Super fast! Many websites already took advantage of it and are now faster as SuperCache has optimized their CPU usage and made many users happy.
  • Almost two years have passed since we implemented an entirely new hosting platform for offering our services. Currently more than 60% of our customers’ websites have been migrated to it.
  • We also improved our extended system parameters. We migrated to an entirely new enhanced system for calculating the CPU time spent by hosting accounts.
  • We took over Host Bulgaria’s customers. The company entrusted us to take care of their customers and we took responsibility to improve our services for them. Our biggest step for this year finally came true! We gradually migrated all Host Bulgaria’s websites to the new hosting platform that meets user requirements by making websites faster and more secure.
  • We told you more about the intelligent SPAM filter we developed as it protects you from the long lists of useless messages filling your email inbox. If you still have not tried it, put it in your “to do” list! You won’t regret.:)
  • 2017 had one important change. The actual HTTP/2 implementation which all our customers are already benefitting from.
  • The .бг Cyrillic domain registration started!
  • We made another important step to a more secure web with the AutoSSL certificate and our customers already took advantage of it.
  • We shared a very interesting case study related to a popular Bulgarian website. This story became one of the most popular articles in our blog which made us promise that we will write more such stories. Next year we will post more articles like this.
  • We celebrated our 12th anniversary! We have always said that our customers drive us to go forward all these years. Your feedback is an inseparable part from our work. That’s why we decided to measure your evaluation for our services. From the 1 to 5 scale, the average grade we got from you for Q4 in 2017 was 4.92. Thank you very much and we promise to keep walking in the right direction!
  • We kept enhancing our Shopiko e-commerce platform as well. There are 21 improvements only for 2017 as they include new themes, menus, payment methods and marketing tools such as Retargeting.
  • Our office is now a more lively and funny place! We welcomed our colleagues from Host.BG and we are already working and having fun as one team!
  • We added a few more hundred rules in our Security system which never goes on a vacation even in the most hectic days as it protects your websites and mailboxes from malicious access. For the last year we tripled our security regulations. Our DDos defense system has been preventing DDos attacks for two years now.
  • We managed to personally meet many of you and we established lots of new friendships. How? We took part in more than 1000 events where we met more than 20.000 people and gave away more than 14.000 awards.
  • The number of our blog’s articles this year turned 500 and in our help page there are already 700 of them.

What have we achieved for our office and for ourselves?

  • Our office sport league includes:
    • football;
    • volleyball;
    • ice skating;
    • fitness;
    • all types of dancing;
    • ice-skating in front of the office building;
    • running on the stairs while holding a cup of coffee;
    • shaping our abs by giggling like crazy;
  • Meanwhile for 2017 we have eaten 1.920 kg. of fresh fruits and 380 kg. of nuts.
  • We never stop learning so we founded an office SuperLibrary and took part in dozens of trainings.

We wish that next year we will manage to do everything we have not completed in 2017.

We have already started writing the “to do” list for 2018:

1. To make our customers happier and more satisfied;
2. To improve our hosting service even more;
3. To develop more tools that make your lives easier;
4. To find an occasion and meet all of you;
5. To do more sports…

We will not say more, but surprise you with improvements in 2018.

Fill in our checklist with your impressions from 2017 and complete our “to do” list with your ideas and suggestions.

We greet you with the holiday spirit from our office by sharing a favorite Christmas playlist we listen to while working!

Thank you for the trust, the smiles and the year we shared together!

2018th, we are ready for you!

Tsvetelina Nenkova
Tsvetelina Nenkova
Tsveti works hard to improve our services and offer them to our SuperCustomers in the most appropriate way. Tsveti's SuperPower is that she always learn fast the innovations in hosting technologies and quickly applies them to SuperHosting.BG.
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