How High Quality Images Can Influence Your Sales?

Do not underestimate the power of visual communication. This is the fastest way you could influence your target audience and show them who you are what your business is about and why customers should choose you before the competition.

Google’s Rebranding and Your Shopiko Online Store

We are witnessing a new transformation in the digital world. Google did a complete rebranding of its advertising services. In this article we will find out how these changes will affect your Shopiko Online Store and how you can benefit from them. Learn more now!

SaaS – The Most Suitable Platform for Your Online Store

SaaS is an abbreviation which stands for Software as a Service. Such a platform covers a wide range of features and includes a hosting service, technical support, expert consultation, regular updates and new features released.

7 ideas how to drive more traffic to your online store

Every new online store needs a traffic boost. Every new visitor may become a potential customer. The possibilities of sales growth is directly related to the increase in your Shopiko store visits. How can you increase the traffic to your website? We offer several ideas to achieve better results.

You Have an Online Store but no Sales? Why?

Building up a successful online store with Shopiko requires a lot of time, efforts and persistence. Due to the popularisation and development of SaaS (Software as...