Server resources

How did Black Friday Go This Year?

This year we wanted to help our customers having online stores to take the maximum of Black Friday. This meant providing them with the necessary resources.

You Own a Server? Is it Ready for Black Friday? (Part 2)

See what determines whether your server ready for Black Friday! And how to assure it for moments of peak visits to your website.

Is Your Online Store Ready for Black Friday? (Part 1)

We will not focus on marketing. Instead we will discuss how to optimize your website so that it can withstand the rush of visitors on this year's Black Friday.

Statistics vs. Resources

Today we would like to share with you our recent experience. This is a real story about two stat modules which doubled the server resource usage.

CPU time?! Performance Statistics and Optimization!

What is CPU time? How is it calculated and what is included in the statistics? What are the main reasons for CPU usage increase?