Levels of a Domain Name in the DNS Index (What is a DNS?)

Domains are a combination of words separated by dots. Each word separated by a dot is a level (domain, label) in the DNS hierarchy.

What is a DNS?

The DNS is one of the most complicated to understand systems, that lies in the foundation of the Internet and exists before the Web appeared.

DNS Cache and TTL for DNS Records (What is а DNS?)

The time set in the DNS record TTL tells the DNS caching server for what period the record is considered up-to-date and can be stored in the cache.

DNS Lookup for the DNS Record domain.name=IP (What is a DNS?)

Once the DNS resolver receives a client request for the IP address of a domain, it initiates DNS check by sending a DNS request to one of the Root DNS servers.

What is a DNS and Why it is Used for Resolving Domains into IP addresses?

In this article we'll see what DNS is, and we'll find that the web browser itself can not know what a domain's IP address is.