Security system

Our Secret SuperSupport and Your Websites

Besides helping our customers when they need us we also care for their websites without informing them about that. Let's call it secret support. The support related to hosting service is far from only communicating with our customers via different channels. It is much more complicated and one of our main tasks is to make sure your websites are up and running as well as to prevent issues from occurring. We have always striven for our service to go beyond the limits of our responsibilities because our ultimate goal is to help customers.

Joomla! Patches Critical Core Vulnerabilities

Two days ago Joomla! security team released a patch that fixes two critical core vulnerabilities. The officially announced CVE vulnerability IDs are: CVE-2016-8870 and CVE-2016-8869. We applied defense...

Injection Vulnerability in W3 Total Cache Fixed

A successful attack may lead to а malicious code injection by an admin without their knowledge. Thus the hacker might gain full access to the website's administration.

SQL Injection Vulnerability in Ninja Forms Fixed

But fixing this vulnerability is already a feature of our Security system. Just in case, we recommend that you upgrade the plugin to the last version available.