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Getting Started With VPS: Control panel

24 June 2015

The control panel is a web interface that is accessed through a web browser and it allows the configuration of the virtual server settings and management.
Since that web panel represents a graphic user interface, instead of writing commands in the terminal (SSH), to access each functionality or option you may click on the respective graphic icon.

Getting Started With VPS: Website

10 June 2015

If you've chosen the VPS or Cloud VPS,option, you can start by setting up the environment for the future web project that will be running on such server – choose the software, complete the server installation and settings.

Getting Started With VPS: Management and Administration

20 May 2015

If you have decided you want to have your own virtual server (VPS) or if you are just interested in the topic of VPS, take a look at what your first choice of server should be. If you have browsed through the virtual server offers, you may have noticed there are several types: Managed VPS, VPS, CloudVPS.