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Latest News and Updates on Your Services

SuperHosting.BG Blog

Latest News and Updates on Your Services


Injection Vulnerability in W3 Total Cache Fixed

A successful attack may lead to а malicious code injection by an admin without their knowledge. Thus the hacker might gain full access to the website's administration.

SQL Injection Vulnerability in Ninja Forms Fixed

But fixing this vulnerability is already a feature of our Security system. Just in case, we recommend that you upgrade the plugin to the last version available.

Our Solution for “Hacked” Websites

Our Security system is not limited only to the prevention methods described in the previous article. However, if by chance a website is compromised, we will immediately clean the malicious code. Then we will enhance our Security system so that another website does not undergo the same attack.

Security System – past and present

We at SuperHosting.BG have always paid great attention to the security of our customers. We have always tried to keep our infrastructure protected to the greatest extent, therefore we use various technologies that allow our equipment operating systems to be always up-to-date.

Safety and security on the Internet? Challenge accepted!

In recent years the topic of Internet security is becoming more pressing. There is a reason why the sites of our customers are not among those subject to leaked passwords, for which we read stories literally every week. The reason is that SuperHosting.BG takes care of the security of information hosted with us. In a series of articles we will tell you more about our security system – how it was conceived, how it evolved over time and how it currently protects your websites.