60% of all Customer Websites are Already Using Our New Hosting Platform

Upgrading the services for our SuperCustomers is a continuous process.
At the beginning of 2016 we integrated an entirely new platform for offering hosting services as we announced it during the summer of the same year.
About a year later, 60% of our customers’ websites have already been migrated to the new hosting platform.

What is the whole story about?

The new platform features a cloud-based next generation infrastructure, high speed SSDs and smarter resource distribution among users.
Our new and long-standing customers are already benefiting from the platform. Right after its release, we started migrating our long-standing customers’ websites as we began from the ones who have been with us for almost 12 years now.

Besides ALL SSD Technology that guarantees the fastest response possible and HTTP/2, the platform is based on the newest generation infrastructure with the best configuration so as to meet all requirements of our customers’ websites. Thus it guarantees higher security when working with encrypted connection as it also offers the newest version of the Apachе web server and the operational system.

What are the benefits?

As we migrated the first servers to the new platform we saw the impact our improvements had on the websites – their speed increased considerably while the intelligent system for resource distribution among users enhanced performance up to five times.

We are well-aware of the fact that a website’s speed is an important factor for its success. It is not only a prerequisite for users to stay longer on the website, but it also influences good search engine positioning. This is a long-term investment that makes us believe that our customers will be more satisfied with our services.

We expect to reduce the maintenance time per year as the guaranteed service UpTime will be increased in this way.

Until the first half of 2018 we plan to migrate all shared hosting and Managed VPS websites to the new hosting platform so that they can benefit from all its advantages.
Moreover, configuration improvement will be a continuous process aiming to keep pace with the latest trends so as to provide the best performance possible.

With this big step we believe that our customers will be provided with the best services not only on the Bulgarian market, but also internationally.

Svetoslav Iliev
Svetoslav Iliev
Svetoslav is vital part of our SuperTeam. His SuperPowers are multitasking and the skill to put all projects in order. He always knows which is the right approach to implement improvements and how to make our clients happy.
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