9 KPIs to Measure Your Blog Success

Блогът е един от най-важните компоненти на дигиталния маркетинг. Той има потенциала да Ви води постоянен трафик, независимо дали рекламирате съдържание, или не. В тази статия ще разгледаме как да прецените с помощта на Google Analytics доколко е успешен Вашият блог. Разберете сега!

5 Ways to be Successful by Helping Your Customers

Customer service and supports trends to be more and more important. No longer prices and features make the companies successful. As we live in a world of communication and information, helping our customers is crucial. Find out how to be in help of your customers and why this is important step forward!

When promotions fail?

We're all crazy about the promotions. Although we often give you tips on how to succeed using promotions, this time we will discuss together why sometimes they don't work. The fact is that promotions are not a solution to everything. Let's see why and when they do not work…

Discount by Percentage or Fixed Amount?

Maybe you think that a discount is a discount and it always works. The correct answer is: yes, and no. Do you know where the catch is? The success of a discount depends on the type of product / service and the perception of your customers. This article introduces you to the most popular promotion methods: as a percentage of the price or a fixed price. Read more!