Support tips

Username and Password Phishing

Have you recently received an email from а bank requiring immediate update of your contact data, otherwise your bank account will be suspended?

Our Secret SuperSupport and Your Websites

Besides helping our customers when they need us we also care for their websites without informing them about that. Let's call it secret support.

Speeding Up PrestaShop’s Loading Time From 5 to 1 Seconds (Case Study)

The large amount of information in the database, combined with suboptimal queries to the database, can slow the load on any site.

How We Prepared Our Blog for Gutenberg and WordPress 5+ (Case Study)

Our blog is used only for posting purposes. This makes preparation for the Block Editor easier than with a website having unconventional features.

How to Reduce the Database Size?

Large databases with non-optimized queries and lack of indexes may cause poor performance. You can prevent this by regularly removing all unnecessary data.