The Acquisition of Host.BG – the Whole Story

At the beginning of 2017 we took an important step in our company’s development – we acquired the second largest hosting company in Bulgaria – Host.BG from its previous owner Netinfo.

The news was reported by a few media channels, but we also decided to tell you more about the whole process in our blog.

SuperHosting.BG and are long-established companies that over time made hosting services in Bulgaria easy to access and use. We think that the hosting market in this country still has a lot of space for growth and the two companies have great potential with their joint efforts.

About SuperHosting.BG

We always strive to provide the best hosting solution for your web projects and mailboxes.
During the last few years we put a lot of efforts into two key areas – improving the performance and enhancing the security level of our customers’ websites. With these steps we increased the uptime of our services and reduced the number of hacked accounts to zero.
Currently we are one of the very few companies worldwide which is successful in removing malicious code from customer accounts if somehow despite our security system they get compromised. This is our way to guarantee the security of your websites and mailboxes.
Meanwhile we migrated to a brand new hosting platform which works with an ALL SSD technology. Thanks to it now some of the websites hosted by us load up to 10 times faster.
We also developed a number of time-saving tools to help you develop and manage your web projects – WordPress Manager, BackUp Manager, PHP Manager and also our latest pride and joy – the SuperCache Manager!

Why am I Telling you All This?

All our customers benefit from those improvements, as soon Host.BG’s customers will also be able to do so. The expertise we have gained over the years will now be used in providing high-quality services to a bigger customer base which will enable us unleash the potential of our developments. Many more websites will be faster and more secure since the feedback we get and are about to get every day helps us plan future developments and features that make your lives easier!

What are the Upcoming Changes for Host.BG’s Customers?

All websites hosted by Host.BG will be transferred to the brand new, cloud-based platform where SuperHosting.BG websites are hosted.
After the migration of all websites to the new platform, customers will feel the significant difference in the loading speed. Right after the migration, customers will also be able to benefit from our security system – their websites will be protected and we will clean all compromised websites, which have been hacked while using the old equipment.
For all this to be possible, each Host.BG customer will be transferred to a unified customer profile for service management.

Host.BG as a Brand

Host.BG will continue to exist as a brand. Both companies worked on Host.BG’s new website which is now significantly improved.
All hosting accounts bought from Host.BG’s website will be hosted on our ALL SSD cloud-based platform using cutting edge technology and a multi-level security system.

All services will be managed from one single customer profile in SuperHosting.BG’s system.

The Team

The team of Host.BG is already working in our office as there are a few stages of development planned so that the company customers will be even happier.

On the eve of SuperHosting.BG’s twelfth birthday the two teams start working together while having a common purpose – providing the best service for our customers’ web projects!

The Significance

For SuperHosting.BG this acquisition means winning a strong ally in offering the best possible service. It also means facing the serious challenge to meet every customer’s expectations.

We accept this challenge and keep working hard to provide the best hosting solution for your websites and the highest possible level of services.

Metodi Drenovski
Metodi Drenovski
Metodi is aware of all innovations in the digital world and he knows that a hosting service means a lot more than just providing space on a server. It means quality, reliability, security, customer service, complete web solution. Metodi's SuperPower is to develop SuperHosting.BG as a company and help our customers to improve their web presence.
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