What is an Intelligent SPAM Protection?

Did you know that one of the most popular articles in our blog is 4 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Spam Emails and 10 Tips on How to Protect Yourself?

And did you also know that email messages are among the oldest means of online communication and nowadays are still the most preferred ones? Figures prove this right: there are about 4.3 billion email accounts worldwide from which 196 billion letters are being sent every day. This is indeed the most common method to promote your business, reach your customers or partners and to exchange information.

Just like every other thing email has its advantages and disadvantages. Surely the most annoying disadvantage is the so-called SPAM as it can slowly overwhelm your inbox if you do not take effective measures. Sometimes you need to dig for hours to find important correspondence. SPAM emails are usually those annoying headlines for inherited millions of dollars and ways to easily lose 10 pounds only for 3 days.

Unwanted mail and protecting yourself from it has always been a hot topic. That’s why our SuperTeam developed a special protection to keep safe our customers’ email accounts (which are part of our hosting service). We call it Intelligent SPAM Protection, because it adjusts in accordance with your actions.

Imagine that you have your personal email robot. 🙂
You only need to point the unwanted message, mark it as SPAM and from then on the robot will check your inbox so that it presents to you only the useful emails. The intelligent SPAM protection starts working on the basis of what you define as wanted and unwanted mails. When you start using the email service and define which letter is SPAM and which is not, the filter improves as it gets better in details according to the individual messages you receive. This is how our intelligent SPAM protection works. It protects to a maximum extend your emails from unwanted messages, thus it saves your time and efforts.

Thanks to it:

    • You do not miss reading the important letters.

In your inbox you receive only the legitimate mails from your partners and customers, important payment confirmations, etc. This way you can quickly answer the important mails that makes senders think of you as a serious and reliable partner.

    • The used space in your hosting account is optimized.

The intelligent SPAM protection discovers the unwanted emails and sends them to the SPAM folder where they are automatically deleted. This way unimportant emails do not take up any extra space in your hosting account.

    • Emails load faster on mobile devices.

Fewer filtered messages load faster on your smartphone or tablet. So you scroll less and discover the important email immediately.

    • You are the ones who decide which letters are legitimate in your inbox.

You are the ones to define SPAM and set up criteria to teach the intelligent filter.

    • The user’s device and system are protected from malware.

Email viruses are very common, but filtering them with our intelligent SPAM filter protects you from damages a malware might inflict. By filtering SPAM messages with malicious files, the filter keeps the user’s device and system from being compromised and misused by third parties.

    • You do not waste time for looking through your inbox and deleting the unwanted messages.

The intelligent SPAM protection saves precious time so that you can focus on the important tasks in your web projects development.

Read more on how you can train your intelligent SPAM protection in our help article.

The SPAM protection is enabled by default for all hosting accounts running on SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. You need to enable the SpamAssasin module so that the filter works properly.
You still do not have an email account to your domain such as office@supersite.bg? Get a domain and hosting with an intelligent SPAM protection and enjoy online communication from your own email address!
Danilina Yarkova
Danilina Yarkova
Danny is a part of our SuperMarketing team. She bravely dives in a deep water of public communications. Her SuperPower is the unstoppable yearning for learning new things and putting them to live in her job and life. She believes that even the hardest question has its simple answer and is always ready to help a client and a friend.
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