SuperHosting.BG takes over Host Bulgaria’s customers

We at SuperHosting.BG have always aimed at developing the Bulgarian market and providing reliable hosting services that help our customers grow their business, enhance their web presence and succeed. And, most importantly, we strive to save them time, as time is the most valuable resource.

As of May 3rd, 2017 we are taking over all customers of the Bulgarian hosting company Host Bulgaria that suspended their operations and trusted us to take care of their customers.

This change may be unexpected for the customers of Host Bulgaria. Therefore, as a new host of their websites, we have tried to answer some of the possible questions in advance.

Why does Host Bulgaria suspend its activity?

Customers have always been a priority number one for Host Bulgaria. However, when a company is focused on providing low market prices, this usually involves lots of compromises. The company cannot invest resources into service improvement, be sustainable and grow. Due to the company’s inability to provide high quality services in the long term, Host Bulgaria entrusted us with their customers – so the clients may get a reliable, adequate and complete hosting service that can help them grow their business.

What will change for the customers of the company?

Within the next few weeks, Host Bulgaria’s customers will be gradually migrated to our infrastructure with cutting edge technology.

All current customers will receive an email containing data regarding their new client profile in the system of SuperHosting.BG, from where they will be able to manage their services. From now on all customers are to send any inquiries regarding the service directly to us, using the contact information provided on our website.

The periods for which the clients have prepaid their services at Host Bulgaria will be preserved. Each hosting account will be migrated to a SuperHosting.BG hosting plan that is suitable for the respective account, depending on the resources used.

How long will it take to transfer the services?

All hosting services, domains and SSL certificates can now be managed from your client profile at SuperHosting.BG.
The servers physical migration process will last for a couple of weeks and will be carried out at several stages.
We will send an email to the Host Bulgaria customers with additional information regarding each stage.

What comes after the services are already transferred to us?

Here is a small part of the improvements that the customers of Host Bulgaria will get right away after their hosting services are transferred to us:

✓     A much faster website – the entire information on the hosting account will be deployed onto fast SSD disks;
✓     HTTP/2
✓     Protection against hacking of the website and mail boxes via SH Protect system;
✓     24/7 adequate tech support;
✓     SuperHosting Tools and SuperHosting Speed-UP – time saving tools in cPanel for quick and easy account management;
✓     WordPress Manager – a useful tool in cPanel for creating and managing a WordPress website with a few clicks;
✓     Various payment methods;
✓     Service expiry notification over email or telephone.

We welcome Host Bulgaria’s customers into our big SuperFamily.
We believe that together we will turn each digital idea into a successful online presence.
Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubo is one of the main suspects for your websites success, because thanks to him you have your reliable and secure place in Internet. Lyubo's SuperPower is that he leads our team forward and always knows how to make things better.
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