Project №2018: Almost completed


The first snow has fallen already, not to say even long ago. The temperatures indicated that has began “that time of the year”. In short: its end. And what else better than an ending… when there is a fresh new start before us – promising new challenges and interesting projects?

But before proceeding to project 2019, we must say Good bye to the current 2018th. Traditionally for the end of the year we create a brief summary of what we have been through, what we’ve achieved and what improvements we’ve applied.

Our festive mood is turned on to the max. The office is colorful, cheerful and uplifted. Why? No, it’s not just because of the upcoming holidays. It’s because another year has passed and we feel satisfied, happy and grateful that we have SuperClients who motivate us to work even more passionately.

Find out what we’ve done in the last 12 months in the following lines.

Our services gained new SuperPowers

  • We told you about Node.js and that you can use it with all services offered. We’ve heard that JavaScript developers are very pleased by this news.
  • Our security system continues to grow and has added hundreds of signatures that keep clients’ websites safe and protected.
  • Our DDoS protection is almost three-years-old and blocks thousands of attacks daily!
  • It’s even easier for all WordPress users to administrate their websites thanks to the new functionalities in WordPress Manager by SuperHosting.BG. Fast cache clearing in the Speed Up section, an extra option to protect the administration in Security Checks, and even an easier way to check and activate https in the SSL (https: //) menu. Nice, huh?
  • We’ve also accelerated hundreds of websites with SuperCache Manager. Find it in the control panel of your cPanel hosting account in section SuperHosting Speed Up!

SuperHosting.BG + Host.BG 

  • In 2017 joined our family. We sealed our union with “Promised”. Meaning that we will work together to improve our services. And we did it! During 2018, we worked hard and we are proud to say: All Host.BG’s customers are now on a new hosting platform with which their sites are faster, safer and use all the Super Tools that the customers of SuperHosting.BG appreciate endlessly!

Evidently we’ve created lots of content this year…

  • Over 800 articles on our help page give answers to your questions, offer guidance and practical tips to manage your site. This year’s number increased by more than 140.
  • Over 570 (70+ for 2018) SuperBlog articles share the most up-to-date news about our services, web trends, good practices, and curious facts from the SuperTeam.
  • We’ve released the “Security Week” series, in which we’ve told you not only how we keep your sites protected, but also how to protect your online presence yourself.
  • We’ve shared an interesting case study from behind the scenes, which has become a case study for the successful import of 25,000 products in WooCommerce.

How many of you we’ve met on SuperEvents?

  • We participated in more than … 100 events.
  • We gave away over 60 free tickets to our blog readers.
  • We’ve met over 27,000 friends, clients, partners. Hopefully we shook hands with you too!
  • We gifted over 19 000 special presents. Wow!

We grew older with one more year

  • Now we are 13-years-old. We step into the teen period. We’ve also shared with you you what we’ve done for the past years and whether the number 13 is fatal. Last but not least… you enjoyed cheerful photos from the SuperBirthday party.

We’ve responded to your most frequent queries in a series of help videos

  • We already have 20 helpful videos on some of the most common topics. You will find them in our YouTube channel. You also met virtually some of the SuperTeam members that respond to your inquiries by phone, chat, and email daily.

We’ve found super interesting businesses lacked the convenience of having their own sites

  • This year, we embraced the idea that every business should develop its online presence to grow and succeed. That’s why we found some SuperHeroes that do interesting things for a living but have no sites. They inspired us to release our first TV ad. You haven’t forgotten Yavkata, Lin Lin, Beautiful Didito and all the rest? They already have websites and successfully develop their non-traditional occupations. We are proud of them!

Your inquiries and our answers

  • Now you can reach us more quickly and conveniently by using our website chat. There a SuperTeam member will respond immediately.
  • We replied to over 243 111 inquiries. And the year is not yet over!
  • The average rate we got from you is 4.94. The maximum is 5, so we basically passed with flying colors!

The team…

  • Consumed 624 kgs of coffee and had no problem eating 2652 kg of fruits.
  • We managed to complete 8,527 tasks in order to improve our services.
  • The Super Team, had even more fun and built something that will remain in history (and in the mountains), acquired new skills and now takes even better care of our services.
  • Decorated the office with garlands, lights and brought the Christmas mood.

Last words… Small fraction of our SuperTeam wants to greet you and enchant you with a little bit of Christmas spirit! We wish you never ending inspiration for your future projects accompanied with strong motivation to realize them.

Thank you for sharing this year with us!

Danilina Yarkova
Danilina Yarkova
Danny is a part of our SuperMarketing team. She bravely dives in a deep water of public communications. Her SuperPower is the unstoppable yearning for learning new things and putting them to live in her job and life. She believes that even the hardest question has its simple answer and is always ready to help a client and a friend.
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