SuperTeam close-up: What remains hidden from you? (video)

Are you interested in learning some interesting facts about our SuperTeam?

O.K., here we are, the team responding to your inquiries and making sure that your web projects are always protected and online. We are ready to surprise you one more time with brand new and funny facts about our team without bothering you. We will prove what has been said here with a short video in which you can see how we work while having fun and how we have fun while we working.

We present you the most memorable footage of this year’s SuperTeam Building.




Here are the conclusions for the team this year:
  • The biggest SuperPower of each team member is a truly wide smile.
  • When we work under pressure, we create masterpieces.
  • We have become architectural specialists and complete builders – we have built a swing, a bench, a massage table, a lounge, a relaxation area, and many more cool things.
  • We repel daily attempts to compromise our client sites 100 times stronger than we cut wood.
  • We have Olympic skills for blind mountain orientation, almost as good as serving our clients.
  • We have learned that our team has a hidden talent who acts as a system administrator, but actually a marketer, a physicist and a SuperDancer.
  • We’ve found that the marketing team has the most accurate sight when shooting a member of development team with a water gun. We still wonder why?
  • We answer as fast and accurate to the quiz questions as we solve the problems of our clients.
  • We always find a solution to every problem – even the transfer of fruit without hands wasn’t a problem for us.

A round of applause for that part of the team that was replying tirelessly to all of your queries during the team building. At the end of the day they won a champion prize – “grand prix”!

After every team building, we are getting more and more cohesive, filled with positivism and energy that we put into our main mission, you, our customers, to turn any idea into a successful online project!

Zvezdelina Georgieva
Zvezdelina Georgieva
By all means - call her SuperZvezdi. With her exquisite taste, Zvezdi adds to any marketing project a touch of grace and aristocracy. Always shoots for the stars and never gives up on constant learning. Zvezdi's SuperPower is her disarming smile that makes the impossible – possible. It won't be a lie if we say she wakes up each morning with the intention of helping others. This makes her a trusted colleague and a wonderful friend.
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