Safety and security on the Internet? Challenge accepted!

In recent years the topic of Internet security is becoming more pressing. There is a reason why the sites of our customers are not among those subject to leaked passwords, for which we read stories literally every week. The reason is that SuperHosting.BG takes care of the security of information hosted with us. In a series of articles we will tell you more about our security system – how it was conceived, how it evolved over time and how it currently protects your websites.

But let’s first answer the following question:

What is Internet security?

Websites often require registration, whereby users provide their personal data. It’s the same with most online stores, where detailed and sensitive information is provided about the customers.  There comes a time when certain website has a database, which, if leaked in case of a security breach, would harm the customers and the website itself. Apart from data leaks, more and more often we hear about viruses that encrypt the information in your computer, demanding ransom. During the elections, the Electoral Commission websites were down. What do all these “events” have in common? The answer is – compromised security. What I’m going to talk about in this article, however, is website security, mailbox security or, generally speaking, hosting accounts at SuperHosting.BG.

Currently, we host over 100,000 websites and web applications (and that does not include websites, using VPS, Cloud, or dedicated servers). That huge amount of websites for which we provide high quality web presence is indicative of the great responsibility we have as a company.

What does “security” mean to SuperHosting.BG?

  1. Ensuring interruptibility of service by using the DDoS defense system that we recently wrote about.
  2. Websites protection against any malicious access that can modify or compromise such sites or steal data.
  3. Mailbox protection against unauthorized access.
  4. Protection for the entire infrastructure by applying the latest versions of the system software used.

Customer websites are among the most common targets of malicious access. Hackers’ goal is not only to make the website dysfunctional or steal data. In recent years, websites breaches are usually “dormant”. Just like mines, set to be activated at a later point. And when they become activated, such compromised websites are usually used to:

  • “Infect” other websites;
  • Start DDoS attacks on third parties;
  • Deploy phishing websites;
  • Spread malware (viruses) that infects customer computers;
  • Send SPAM, etc.

Another hackers’ goal are the customer emails. Usually, a compromised email is used to send SPAM. In more isolated cases – for fraud.

Are your accounts at SuperHosting.BG protected against hacking? Are your websites and emails at a safe place?

The answer is Yes! Stay tuned for our next article, where I will tell you more about how we do it.

More information on the topic:

Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubo is one of the main suspects for your websites success, because thanks to him you have your reliable and secure place in Internet. Lyubo's SuperPower is that he leads our team forward and always knows how to make things better.
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