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The 7 Day Sequence: 7 Easy Steps to Secure Your Website


At the time of the year when everyone is having their summer holidays we decided to prepare something useful and intriguing to read for the upcoming week. We all keep promising ourselves that “next week” we will start working on a new project, we will start working out and having a healthier lifestyle. However, SuperHosting guarantees you that every day from the “next week” we are going to share with you seven steps to have a secure and reliable website for you and all of your visitors. You might not be sure how long this time summer will last, but one is for sure – the security week in our SuperBlog starts very soon…

Why is your website’s security so important?

Did you know that by the beginning of 2018 the number of websites worldwide already amounted more than 1.3 billion? Every day hundreds of new businesses in the whole world create their first websites while the existing ones search new opportunities to benefit to the maximum from their web presence.

Security, however, is one of the most important factors for the successful presence of an online project. It is of key importance not only for your website’s proper operation, but also for keeping track of the whole email correspondence with partners and customers as well as protecting your data from third party access.

Nowadays there are more and more websites selling online and storing sensitive data of their users as this data needs to be protected. You are well aware that for the sake of security recently GDPR was introduced in the EU legislation. For those reasons online security does not anymore concern only your website’s visibility, but also uptime of your email service and all other related services as well as the protection of your users’ personal data.

Here comes a very important question: “How to increase your website’s security and how much it costs to do so?”

No matter if you have built your website by using a common CMS such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, etc. or you have put your faith in a web development company, it is important for you that the website works properly, it is protected from malicious persons and reliable enough for your visitors. There are a few strategies which do not require in-depth technical knowledge, but can help you easily achieve this goal.

In this regard we decided to share with you 7 easy steps we guarantee will provide you and your business with higher security on the web.

From the sequence you are about to learn:

  • 7 easy strategies to increase your website’s security on your own;
  • how to make sure your data is protected;
  • how to make sure your website’s visitors feel secure;
  • why is your website’s security so important;
  • what role hosting plays in security.

Your number one priority should be protecting the data in your hosting accounts. Its security is a shared responsibility between you and SuperHosting.BG as a web host of your projects. All our customers can be assured that their websites are well protected while being hosted by us.

What is the meaning of “our responsibility”?

DDoS Defense
Securing our websites is a continuous process and а priority we do not compromise with and our customers know that. Our entire infrastructure and all our hosting services are protected by the DDoS Defense System. The DDoS Defense works through two independent ISPs as each of them can provide all the required capacity. This is more than necessary.

Security system
We also invested a lot in our security system – SH Protect which detects and blocks tens of thousands of malicious attempts. All our websites are regularly examined and cleaned up if necessary. This is a continuous, daily process at SuperHosting.BG.

In SH Protect we have created about several hundred signatures (rules) to detect and block tens of thousands of malicious actions. Every day we improve the Security system to raise its level of awareness. We guarantee your website’s security by taking responsibility that we will remove any malicious code if somehow it gets compromised. Nowadays, the Security system protects the websites of our customers from a considerable number of malicious action attempts.

The system has several components, which, working together, provide a very high security level. A level, that is, in our view, better than many of the currently available solutions and that saves our customers’ money on investments amounting to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a month. The cost of the additional protection can be found with a very quick search online.

All our customers get these security components as a part of the hosting service with no need of further investments. We have always focused on the proper operation of our customers’ websites. And on ensuring the security of your web presence.

Security is in your hands
In the following posts of the 7 Day sequence: 7 Easy Steps to Secure Your Website we will share strategies for increasing the level of security for your web projects. Here are the steps:

Do not underestimate the topic about security and take care of your personal data on the web – regardless whether it concerns your hosting account or your Facebook profile!

Madlena Metodieva
Madlena Metodieva
Madlena is our super-support-guru. Madlena's SuperPower is that she can explain even the most complicated technologies in plain language.
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