Our Secret SuperSupport and Your Websites

Dear diary,

Today we replied to hundreds of customer inquiries and took care of thousands of websites without our customers even noticing that.

Good night!

This is probably how a page from our colleagues’ diary would look like as they are the ones who take daily care of our customers’ websites.

Before revealing some intriguing information from the daily routine of the SuperSupport we asked ourselves what our customers actually see, how they value it and how we can measure it.

Your feedback

Our long-standing customers have shared that our support is excellent for a 14th consecutive year and this is what makes us so special. Of course, we have always aimed at this.

Throwback to…

2017 when we decided to ask our customers about their opinions on each case. So back then we introduced customer evaluation grading from 1 to 5 for each of our interactions. In 2018 our customers made us happier and more motivated as they gave us the average grade of 4.94. Thank you for the high recognition!

However, we encountered other customer reviews. We confess – this was actually a Facebook comment left by one of our customers.

What do you mean by great support? I have never reached them, they are useless! I do not need such kind of support as I actually never needed cooperation on their behalf!


This stimulated us to reveal some details from our support team’s work and to explain further how we take care of the successful online presence of your websites.

What exactly does the SuperSupport do?

You already know that you can contact them 24/7 via:

  • chat;
  • telephone;
  • email.

Besides helping our customers when they need us we also care for their websites without informing them about that. Let’s call it secret support.

The support related to hosting service is far from only communicating with our customers via different channels. It is much more complicated and one of our main tasks is to make sure your websites are up and running as well as to prevent issues from occurring.

We have always striven for our service to go beyond the limits of our responsibilities because our ultimate goal is to help customers.

Now you are wondering what is that secret support you get? We will not make you wait and we will share some secrets from our daily life and how we care for your websites.

SuperSecurity? Yes, we’ve got this one.

Many times we have talked about how we protect our customers’ websites from being compromised. For this purpose we have a whole security team that every day checks for malicious actions performed. 24/7 monitoring combined with our Security system which we constantly improve and enhance with new protection mechanisms are obligations we constantly stick to. All of this is aimed at preventing malicious access.

Your website has never been hacked? Well, now you know why. 🙂

We clean. What?

Your website has been previously hacked when you were using another hosting service. This happened before you transferred your website at SuperHosting.BG. That happens quite often, but our task is to clean up your website for free before uploading it to our infrastructure.

In case a website gets compromised, we clean it, add more protection mechanisms to the security system and this way we guarantee you get the highest possible level of security

Real time content scanning helps us track attempts for uploading malicious code and block them immediately. This way we keep a clean server infrastructure.

The infrastructure is an important component from the service we provide to all our customers especially for those with shared hosting plans. It is crucial that none of the websites hosted on the server gets compromised so that it does not influence the other websites on the same server.

Speaking of infrastructure…

Here reputation is as important as each other business reputation.

When your website is hosted on clean infrastructure it will rank better on search engines, it will be indexed very well and your professional mailboxes will work properly so that you can quickly get in touch with your customers and business partners. Those are elements laying the foundations of each online business.

We take care not only of the clean infrastructure, but also to prevent sending SPAM. This way we guarantee that emails sent by our customers will reach their recipients without going to the SPAM folder.

If, however, your correspondence is marked as SPAM in the recipient’s inbox, find out the possible reasons for this to happen and ways to prevent it!

We keep our eyes open 24/7!

While taking care of your websites, one of our teams also monitors for exploits (security flaws) in order to protect you. If a vulnerability in the security of some application is discovered, e.g. in the latest version of a popular CMS, we apply protection towards it to all websites. This way we prevent using this vulnerability for performing malicious activities in our customers’ hosting accounts. This also keeps our infrastructure clean and our websites enjoy their secure online presence.

We monitor, we react.

Resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) are some of the most important components in the website’s proper operation. We are always ready to react and cope with unusual increase of the resource usage. If we notice such one, we immediately look for the cause. Sometimes it is just for a moment – increase in the resource usage because of importing new products in your online store, but other times it is due to an attempt for hacking a website. We observe and track and are always ready to act.

But our reactions are not only related to resource usage. There are different types of issues we carefully track for as we detect and remove them without you even noticing. Here are some of them:

  • Someone trying to log into your customer profile, but the request is looking suspicious;
  • Adding a parked domain;
  • Error upon domain transfer attempt;
  • Incompatibilities while issuing an SSL certificate.

There are many more, but let’s not go too far. We will reserve our rights to secretly protect your websites from other “dangers”. 🙂

SSL – and now what?

The choice of an SSL certificate and its configuration are an important part of your website’s security. Nowadays, browsers display a notification for insecure connection when there is no SSL certificate installed on the website. This certificate is a must especially for e-commerce websites. Besides for the free certificate AutoSSL which is an integral part of our service we are always ready to help you choosing, configuring and installing different certificates.

Sometimes this is not an easy task. We need to add rewriting rules so that the website can be opened via an encrypted connection which brings better results and benefits to our customers. Having a certificate means greater security for your website and inspiring confidence in your visitors.

Analyze this.

Analyzing the performance and resources of customers’ websites is an important element from our secret support. So where’s the benefit from that?

Let us give you an example with a case from our practice. It could happen so that a website’s loading speed is not as fast as expected due to a reason not related to the server infrastructure and the hosting parameters. In such cases we analyze the website and are always available to give advice if we can.

In such cases we cooperate for activating different caching modules such as Redis, Memcached as well as setting up SuperCache Manager – the SuperTool that caches server-side data and manifests impressive results.

Speaking about cases related to websites’ loading speed…

There is no way to miss analyzing and optimizing slow queries as we help our customers very often with such cases. Each CMS works with a database and its operation is based on SQL queries to the database. Fast execution of SQL queries is directly related to the website’s loading speed. Our team of experts monitors and optimizes the execution of SQL queries of our customers’ websites. And this helps for optimal usage of the MySQL CPU resource.

This is just one more tool for helping out our customers without them even knowing we closely monitor those processes. Analyzing and optimizing queries help not only speeding up the website’s operation, but also reducing the load of MySQL and optimizing execution of the queries themselves.

We take care of all customers using the Managed VPS service. Managed because we make sure that the server and all services located on it work flawlessly. We monitor 24/7 as our team guarantees the smooth operation of the web server, PHP, MySQL, DNS, FTP, etc. We take care of the server so that you can focus on your web project and develop it!

What are the other purposes of analyzing? Besides analyzing hosting features, we very often advice our customers for the suitable hosting solutions based on the results from analyzing. Each website and each customer have their individual needs. It’s our duty to offer the most suitable hosting solution to our customers so that they can grow the potential of their websites. Sometimes it’s quite challenging to explain to our customers why specific services are suitable for them.

For example, if we compare your choice of a hosting plan to buying a new car, it’s important to us to offer the most suitable one to you. This depends on different factors – whether you are going to drive the vehicle in the city, whether you are an experienced driver or not, what speed and power would suit you and many more.

All that PHP!

Part of the secret support we offer is supporting different PHP versions on your hosting accounts so that you websites work with the latest technologies. It’s important for a suitable PHP configuration to be performed so that everything on the website works properly. This includes installation, activation, configuration, setting up PHP directives and modules.

For this to happen, all servers are compiled with different PHP versions to 7.2. More specifically, we support 8 different PHP versions so as to be able to offer all the improvements latest versions include so that we keep operational all websites which are not yet compatible.

Besides cooperation with all types of settings and PHP configurations our customers may use the SuperTool PHP Manager we have especially developed for such purposes. It saves time and efforts for our customers who prefer to set the desired parameters by themselves.

The latest technologies, programming languages and your websites.

It’s our job to support and implement different programming languages and server applications that meet your website’s requirements. There is a team in our support that deals with different types of frameworks and programming languages. Our team takes care of the proper functioning of customer websites as they constantly improve and develop their knowledge and skills so they can help quickly and adequately in times of need.

It’s important for us to always offer our customers what they need for which we make detailed research and tests before implementing languages and applications into our services.

We recently told you about the server application Node.js which is supported for our services Managed VPS, VPS and even for our coolest shared hosting plan – SuperHosting.

Uploading websites.

For a website to be visible on the web, it should be uploaded on a hosting account. When the customer website has been developed on a local PC we cooperate for uploading it on the hosting account.

The same goes when a new customer, who has used another hosting company’s services, starts using our services. The website needs to be transferred which sometimes has some hidden obstacles and website owners not always can do this by themselves. We always clarify with the customers everything necessary for a successful website transfer. The process should take place in the evening when the traffic to the website is low and this will happen imperceptibly. Moreover, we check… everything.

What does “everything” mean? Besides the website’s performance, we check the subdomains, all websites on subdomains, SSL certificates, cron jobs, emails, filters, redirections and many more

Customers who manage their domains at SuperHostingBG.

Of course, we also have customers who only manage their domains at us. In such cases we have encountered opinions such as:

I do own only a domain, why should I need support?

It’s our responsibility to make sure that our customers’ websites are always up and running. Even if they are using an external hosting service and we take care only of their domains, we always help with the correct domain settings. Sometimes we perform specific settings manually so that the website works properly. What matters to us is the feeling that we have helped our customers at the end.

Your business email and taking care of it.

As we already mentioned, the corporate email for your domain is a very important element in the online presence of your business. Your mailboxes are part of the hosting service and we always make sure that your mails are sent, received and the communication is secure.


We know how important your email is so we always cooperate not only with email settings, but also with recommendations for best email configurations. We also take care so that our customers’ mailboxes work with no interruptions, SPAM messages get filtered and also they get correctly validated for the rest of the mail servers.

To protect our customers from SPAM (not only upon receiving emails) we perform constant monitoring and analysis. Here are three main processes for which you might have heard:

  • Our Intelligent SPAM Protection is available for the hosting account as it configures its protection mechanisms as it follows your actions and does not allow for your important email correspondence to be reached by unsolicited or malicious email messages.
  • As we mentioned above, we also prevent sending SPAM from our infrastructure. For this to happen a whole process was created as it automatically tracks whether your password has been intercepted what logs it contains and if someone has performed malicious access to your email account in case it is sending SPAM.
  • Other cases we often face are the SPAM registrations on different websites/forums. To protect our customers from this type of SPAM we also monitor such registrations. We keep track if websites hosted by us have insecure contact forms or fields requiring entering private data through which bots register and send spam.

In case of a problem we are always at your disposal and if necessary we will check the logs of our mechanism for providing maximum information and cooperation for our customers.

And most importantly…

After we told you about some of the most important activities from our secret support and how we take care of your websites, it’s time we tell you our main responsibility:

We strive to provide you with the highest possible level of quality service no matter if we cooperate via chat, telephone, email or we take care of your websites without you even noticing. Good support means that you actually do not need to get in touch with the support team. So that you can use our services with no problems and focus on developing your online projects.

Finally… You do not think we shared with you everything we do, don’t you? We keep many more little secrets which make our service Super and maybe someday we will tell you more about them. Or we may not. 🙂

And now, attention please:
We ask you to share in a comment below this article your experience with our SuperSupport! Your feedback matters to us. Because we cannot be SuperHosting.BG without our SuperCustomers.
Danilina Yarkova
Danilina Yarkova
Danny is a part of our SuperMarketing team. She bravely dives in a deep water of public communications. Her SuperPower is the unstoppable yearning for learning new things and putting them to live in her job and life. She believes that even the hardest question has its simple answer and is always ready to help a client and a friend.
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