Our Solution for “Hacked” Websites

As promised, I will keep talking about the ways we protect your websites and mailboxes.

Our Security system is not limited only to the prevention methods described in the previous article. However, if by chance a website is compromised, we will immediately clean the malicious code.

Then we will enhance our Security system so that another website does not undergo the same attack.

When we released the malicious code scan and removal tool we also cleaned all existing hosting accounts. Unfortunately, we discovered quite a lot of compromised files or such, containing malicious code. For about a year, our SuperTeam managed to remove all of them from your accounts.

As a crucial part of the overall security we regularly scan all files in the accounts hosted by us, as the scanning does not slow down the website’s operation at all.

In this way for less than 24 hours we get to know whether there are compromised files and immediately remove them. Thus most of our customers don’t even notice that their website has been hacked. However, if you suspect that your website might have been compromised, do not hesitate to contact us so that we will make an additional check.

Up to now we have generated a several hundred signatures for file scanning. A signature is a special file containing a malicious or harmful code description. It facilitates discovering compromising files while scanning.

Our team keeps working on multiplying signatures as well as improving their quality. This also helps us improve the level of security of the offered services.

After we finished cleaning compromised websites we noticed that during the last months malicious code has been uploaded to our hosted accounts through websites moved from other hosting companies or by customers using cracked themes or plugins, containing malicious code.

Removing a harmful code from a hacked website is not an easy task. Over the past year our SuperTeam has gained vast practical experience on how to clean a hacked website in the best, most effective and adequate way. Then to protect it and inform the customers if any assistance on their behalf is required. We are doing all this proactively for you – our customers – because we consider it an inseparable part of the services we offer.

The described security services are applicable to all plans for managed hosting services (shared hosting and Managed VPS). With VPS and dedicated servers, customers have full root access so we only restrict bandwidth coming from malicious IPs.

But why do this? Why spend so much time and resources?

Internet security is one of the major factors for each website owner, especially when it comes to corporate websites or online stores.

We at SuperHosting.BG do our best to protect our customers from a vast number of attacks because security is an important part of the service we offer. We guarantee your website’s security by taking responsibility that we will remove any malicious code if somehow it gets compromised.

Despite everything written above we recommend that every owner should stick to the basic security rules. I would make the comparison that you will not leave your home with a door wide open even though you might use a home security system.

Developing a security system is a process of continuous improvement. The better it is built, the more possible malicious activities it can prevent. We will keep developing new protection methods that provide our customers with the highest level of security as we meet the requirements of the constantly changing web environment and the threats it poses.

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Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubo is one of the main suspects for your websites success, because thanks to him you have your reliable and secure place in Internet. Lyubo's SuperPower is that he leads our team forward and always knows how to make things better.
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