8 Reasons to Create a Corporate Blog

When is a business considered a success?
The answer to this question can take in different directions, but they all reach the same destination – good image, successful projects and satisfied customers.

To make your brand a convertible currency, you should first be able to promote your activities well, so that your messages reach as many people as possible. A corporate blog is what will help here. Apart from being an effective tool for marketing and advertising, it is also an independent channel for communication with customers, similar to the social networks.

Below we will give you the main and most significant benefits of creating a blog as part of your corporate website and we are leaving it to you to decide whether this is worth investing the time and effort.

Why do I need a corporate blog?

  • Brand awareness.

The blog is the perfect addition to your website, with which you could attract a large portion of the web users. This gives them the opportunity to learn more about you and your activities. You determine how close you are willing to let your target audience to get to know you, and therefore trust you.

  • You are encouraging your customers to make the right decision.

Well-formed content can be your strongest weapon to boost sales. The blog is like a scene, from where you can show how special your product or service is and how is it different than that of your competitors. By listing all the positives, you tilt the balance to your advantage and help your customers make a buying decision.

  • You get feedback.

It’s inevitable that your publications will sometimes provoke comments from your customers as well as from those Internet users who still haven’t made a purchase but are somehow engaged with your brand. That way you have a clearer view over the general mood of the audience and the topics people are interested in. That, in turn, will help you pay attention to the things you’ve missed or to those you have not considered important.

Observe the users’ behavior, as it may turn to be your starting point for generating new and interesting content. The presence of a feedback is a good source of ideas, which you could implement not just into your blog, but also in your website in order to update, develop and constantly improve it.

  • An opportunity to present your business in the best light.

Adding a blog to your main website is a good opportunity to stand out from the rest of the companies in the niche you are in. Show your current customers that they can count on you by offering high quality and useful content. That way you will show reliability and confidence to your future customers. Give them a good reason to choose you over the competition.

Show them why you are better and who are your strongest sides.

  • The best tool in crisis situations.

We sometimes make mistakes and experience failures. The blog is a place in which you could explain with simple words what are the reasons for a given issue or crisis situation that occurred in your company. Thanks to the blog, you may clear up a potential stain on your corporate image. That way you are shortening the distance between you and your customers and show them that they can trust you despite the difficulties your business faces on a daily basis.

Express your point of view in a well-grounded manner and with dignity, without appearing to beg for sympathy from people visiting the website. Defend your position without giving unnecessary details. That way you engage your customers emotionally with your brand and with the likelihood of them trusting you grows immensely.

  • Positive impact on the SEO of your website.

Creating content has a positive impact onto the overall business presentation online. Why? Because your website ranks better compared to the rest of the global search engine results. Additionally, having multiple links in the articles that lead to relevant and interesting information significantly increases the traffic to your websites.

  • The blog is an independent channel for customer communication.

It shows the true face of our brand. Through the blog you can freely express your position on any matters and topics related to your activity. You have the opportunity to establish a close contact with your customers and involve them in the challenges you are facing. That way you strengthen the relationship with them, enjoying their well-deserved loyalty and gratitude.

  • Constant social presence.

The good thing about a blog is that it is constantly keeping you awake for all the innovations in your filed of business. In the course of developing its content you need to keep reminding yourself to update the information. That way you will keep presenting new and useful information to your readers. When you have a corporate blog, you don’t have a limit to the nature of the texts, the frequency of posting and the number of articles. You are the one to determine that.

It is important to take care of your blog the way you take care of your website. Its merits to your business are just as important as those of your digital project.

Ideas for blog posts.

If you are wondering how to keep your customers’ attention and what information you can present to them, you could consider several ideas to refresh the pages on your website:

  • Presentation of a product/service;
  • Tips and tricks;
  • Interesting brand related stories;
  • Case studies;
  • Interviews with inspiring/successful people;
  • Upcoming events;
  • News from the relevant business sphere.
  • Current changes and improvements in the offered product or service.

If you think of another original way to present your business, feel free to experiment. The blog is the echo of the voice of your brand and the mirror of your corporate views. Turn it into your strongest weapon for successfully developing your digital presence with help from one of the best and most popular platforms – WordPress.

And don’t forget– the more brave and ambitious your ideas are, the more successful your projects will be. Give them a strong start by starting with your choice of hosting and domain. The rest is a matter of imagination and persistence in the development of your corporate identity in the vast online world.

Zvezdelina Georgieva
Zvezdelina Georgieva
By all means - call her SuperZvezdi. With her exquisite taste, Zvezdi adds to any marketing project a touch of grace and aristocracy. Always shoots for the stars and never gives up on constant learning. Zvezdi's SuperPower is her disarming smile that makes the impossible – possible. It won't be a lie if we say she wakes up each morning with the intention of helping others. This makes her a trusted colleague and a wonderful friend.
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