7 Reasons Why Every Freelancer Needs a Website

Let’s be frank: “Freelancer” is not a typical word you learned in school. However, this is the most exact term that refers to a relatively new professional trend.

In the new digital age, working from everywhere without going to an office and working for yourself is very tempting. Meanwhile it requires lots of efforts and is very challenging.

More and more people worldwide value their freedom as well as the fact that being a freelancer means flexibility. If you already have settled your business, it also provides you with the right to choose.

For some freelances having a website is not a matter of choice. This is the first thing they create in order to run away from the office style of work.

For others, however, having a website turns into the eternal question: To be or not to be?

Well, we definitely think that “to be” is the right answer. Not just because we keep space for your website, but also due to the fact that every day we observe the numerous benefits digital presence brings to every startup business.

And we are ready to share them with you! Here are the reasons why every freelancer needs to create their own website!

#1 Your website is your professional space in the parallel world called internet

Whatever your opinion about the internet might be, it is a fact well known that people are already living in two parallel worlds. Nowadays googling everything is a very common practice.

When you want to know more about a business or an institution, you first check them out online, don’t you? This is exactly what your potential customers do as well.

It will be very difficult for them to reach you, if you don’t have a website.

#2 By having a website you transform your .pdf portfolio into a landing page.

There is nothing more useful and informative than a well-structured page with detailed, clear and exact information about the projects you have worked on. Just like high quality product descriptions are an obligatory part of the successful online store, your digital freelance portfolio is a solid argument to persuade customers into choosing your services.

This is exactly the part from your website which helps them understand if they can trust you or not.

#3 Online presence gives you the freedom to make choices

Having a website will make your freelance routine look very different. If up to now you have been actively looking for customers, your website will help your potential customers find you with ease. This way you will have the opportunity to choose your customers, how you work with them and manage your workload.

You might have already felt the pressure from working 24/7 while realizing it is not worth the efforts. We do not say that having a website offers a solution for this problem, but it surely provides you with the opportunity to create your own rules. And show your customers how to follow them.

#4 Having a website allows you to post testimonials

One of the most important aspects of your business is the feedback you get from your customers. It is even more important to share their positive reviews and comments with your future customers.

The easiest and most natural way to do this is by publishing them on your website.

97% of the web users share that reviews and recommendations from other users have influenced their choice of a product/service. (Fan and Fuel)

Important: We recommend posting only genuine feedback from your real customers.
#5 Your online project enables you to develop a blog

80% from the bloggers share that their posts brought them business success. (2018, Orbit Media)

Having a blog lays the foundations of content marketing. The fact that you are a freelancer means that you already have things to say to your audience. Structure your expertise and skills into separate blog posts and show your website’s visitors that you are really good at what you do.

This way you won’t only aspire trust, but also win new precious and motivated customers. Because…

47% of your future customers will look through 3-5 blog posts or other types of content before they decide to use your services. (Demand Gen Report)

#6 Your website is the beginning and the end of your marketing efforts

All roads lead to your website. For your business activity to be successfully advertised among the right target audience you need to have a website. Each online advertising platform requires a destination different from your social network profile.

When you enter the matter of online marketing in depth you will be able to grasp our idea here. Or you may have already noticed how limited your options to advertise without having a website are?

#7 Having a website builds trust and makes you stand out from the crowd

If everything up to here seems too distant, create your own website so that you are treated with respect. Everyone can be a freelancer and “shine” with a short description from a freelance platform, but not everyone can have their personal web space. But namely, a website that suits your taste, containing detailed information about you and your field of activity, your achievements, targets and values.

Give your freelance startup a name. Give it a life and a a few catchy features. Make a good impression! Model it the way you would like to be perceived.

Speaking of treating with respect… Are you still using a free email service for your business correspondence? When you create a website you can set up professional mailboxes with the name of your freelance business. This way your customers will be sure they work with a true professional.

Whatever other advantages we enlist, you would have to try and see it having a website is beneficial for you. So start with the name!

Then brainstorm some ideas for your website and make them happen. If you have difficulties, we will be happy to help you.

Good Luck!

Daniela Koleva
Daniela Koleva
Didi is part of the SuperMarketing Team. One of her many SuperPowers is her ability to cope with any challenge she faces on her way to success. Her positive attitude, wide smile and absolute professionalism, immediately gains the sympathy of everyone – familiar and unfamiliar with her personality. It doesn't matter if a friend or a client needs her help, Didi is always ready to cooperate and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
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