Security system

Our Solution for “Hacked” Websites

We regularly scan all files in the accounts. In this way for less than 24 hours we get to know whether there are compromised files and immediately remove them.

SuperProtection or How We Protect Your Websites and Mailboxes

The Security system’s main components protect customers’ websites from the following attacks, as listed by their intensity.

Security System – past and present

We at SuperHosting.BG have always paid great attention to the security of our customers. Our security system, as it was at the beginning.

Safety and security on the Internet? Challenge accepted!

There is a reason why the sites of our customers are not among those subject to leaked passwords, for which we read stories literally every week.

DDoS Attacks – One Year Later

DDoS protection is active for all services and protects our customers websites at no extra cost. It is applied for our both Internet service providers.