What do Domains, Freedom and Las Vegas have in Common?

2017 began in an exciting way for web users around the world. The long-awaited registration of the .бг domain in Cyrillic is officially going to start in less than two months. The SuperMarketing team always keeps pace with the latest trends on the domain market (and not only). For that reason we decided to reveal some of the most significant numbers regarding domains .bg, .com, .eu, .net, .info, .org are still the most popular domains for 2016 as the new registrations amount 18.486 in total. Here is a representative chart:

new registrations

We are looking forward to learning which will be the most desired domains in 2017.

What is About to Happen?

We are still not able to foretell the future, but it is not difficult to predict that internet will still be the place where democratic speech will rule. Very soon each of us will own a domain and a website where we will have the chance to freely express our opinions. And we are not the only ones who think that way! Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, considers that very soon “every man, woman and child” are about to have domains of their own. That’s quite a brave statement! He thinks this will be the .blog domain. Many people are convinced that the blogger’s era is over, but facts demonstrate exactly the opposite. Stats show that the most popular CMS – WordPress is visited every day by more than 40.000 users.

It is a curious fact that 27% of all websites around the world use this CMS as it has been downloaded 196 million times according to data from the end of 2016. With SuperHosting, WP installations up to now are already more than 50.000.

Own Domain or a Social Media Account? Why not Both?

Creating an account on a social network is the easiest way to build an online image for most people. Let’s be honest, we all follow our pictures’ likes and get interested in our contacts dinner photos, but why not try to start thinking “out-of-the-box”? Having your own domain and a website gives you the opportunity to build an identity on the web and get supporters of your ideas. Furthermore, the internet society is gaining force, hence everyone should build an online personality to defend their freedom of speech. If you have a website, everyone can become part of your “social network”.

Both go hand by hand and do not exclude each other. The key to a successful online presence is the combination of having your own website and an active social media account. The possibilities to choose the most suitable domain are already numerous enough. The number will grow even bigger after this year’s Domain Forum edition revealed that until 2020 there will be a next large wave of new gTLDs. For 2016 the sales of new gTLDs comprise 5,7% of the total domains sold by us. The most preferred among our customers are the .online, .rocks and .shop domains.

How to Choose a Suitable Domain?

Newer, impressive and targeted domains keep showing up to enrich the abundance of choices. What do you need to take into consideration:

  • Your website’s purpose – whether it is going to be a personal blog, corporate website, online store or something else.
  • Your audience – whether it is going to be aimed only at your own country or it is supposed to reach also visitors from other parts of the world.
  • Your domain name – choose a short, memorable name that will easily match your site’s identity.
  • The domain’s extension – discover the most suitable one and check whether the selected domain is available.
  • Tips & Tricks
  • If you want to create a blog we recommend using the .blog domain.
  • If you plan sell online, the recently very popular .shop and .store domains are good choices
  • Maybe you want to show the world that you are always online? There is a great way to do so by using the .online domain.

You can find further tips and tricks for choosing the most suitable domain in our help article.

Hurry up! Right now someone might be registering the desired domain instead of you!


Geo domains (such as .vegas) are gaining popularity around the world as they are especially popular in the USA. Such domains are mostly preferred by small businesses in the United States. Their biggest advantage is that they can be easily used by various local applications. The biggest disadvantage, however, is that they are still offered for very few cities and their price is considerably higher if compared to the most widespread domains. But if you decide to get married in Las Vegas, you can get a .vegas domain for free. It is enough to remember what you did last night and keep your marriage certificate. 🙂

We will keep following this trend and whether it will reach us as well!

To be continued…

Danilina Yarkova
Danilina Yarkova
Danny is a part of our SuperMarketing team. She bravely dives in a deep water of public communications. Her SuperPower is the unstoppable yearning for learning new things and putting them to live in her job and life. She believes that even the hardest question has its simple answer and is always ready to help a client and a friend.
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