The Best Domain for Your Online Store

Winter holidays are coming… are you ready? Black Friday 2016 is almost a month away and so is the beginning of the Christmas shopping fever. If you sell online and you are determined not to stay unnoticed during this year’s holiday online shopping season, for starters you will definitely need two things:

Today we would like to tell you more about the new possibilities for registering a domain name. 🙂

More than two years ago we started registering new domains. At the beginning we had only seven of them to offer. Today they have reached the impressive number of 376 TLDs!

With time, newer, more targeted and distinctive domains appeared. But our customers were most impatient about the eCommerce domains. Now they are available and can become a part of your online brand!


The .shop domain was released less than a month ago and it is already among the most preferred ones. Another interesting new option is the .shopping domain and since the summer of 2016 the .store domain has definitely attracted online sellers’ attention. Each of the three options is suitable for an online store no matter if it is for a new project or an existing e-store that is to be renewed. These domains are all great choices if you are selling clothes, books, jewelry or even food supplements.

Here are a few more domain ideas…

.PROMO, .SALE и .FORSALEdomains are great solutions for promotion activities or sales. Holidays are knocking on the door, so why not pick a domain such as .GIFT и .GIFTS. The .MARKET domain is a bit more specific, but it is still a great choice for some e-stores.

Are these domains really in demand?

Yes, they are! Statistics shows that .shop and .store are the most registered domains, followed by .gift, .sale and .market. The first two have recently become available for registration, but for now are surely on top of the registration statistics.

Percentage of registered online store domains

*he percents are calculated on the basis of all above listed total registered domains (.shop, .shopping, .store, .promo, .sale, .forsale, .gift, .gifts and .market) according to

P.S. If you wish to register .shop, .shopping or .store domain, hurry up because they are now available at a promotional price!

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