6 Ideas for Non-eCommerce Websites

One of the most common thoughts web users usually have is:

I’ve never planned to have a website. I don’t have anything to sell. What am I going to do with this website?

But the truth is you don’t need to sell anything in order to have a website. Your website is your digital property. You can do whatever you wish with it and express your ideas. Over time your persistence has the potential to turn your hobby into a successful business.

If you associate websites only with online stores… think twice.
There are many different types of websites that don’t intend to sell online, but they still enjoy numerous visitors every day.

Let’s see what makes them so attractive!

#1 Blog

A popular myth is that: “These days blogs are already going out of fashion.”

But this statement is far from true. The only thing that is going out of fashion is the way blogs are built. Personal as well as corporate blogs are still very popular. They are one of the easiest ways to express your ideas, to communicate with your target audience, your potential customers and be part of the web history.

Right now niche blogging is rapidly developing. You can learn many interesting things from those blogs and broaden your horizons.

Examples: Culinary blog, marketing blog, hosting blog, business blog, fashion blog, health and beauty blog, design blog, DIY blog, history blog, travel blog, etc.

Possibilities are endless. If you have a favorite hobby which makes you feel meaningful and alive, share it with the rest of the world. Who knows – you might inspire someone and help him without even realizing it.

#2 Portfolio website

You are a photographer, artist, copywriter or work for your self? Even if you are the best in your field, your potential client need a proof of your skills. If you have a portfolio of your work (photographs, articles, design projects or other things) even if it might feel like bragging at first – post it on your website. This way you will show a little piece of your talent, you will build trust and reach the desired audience.

Don’t count only on recommendations. Share your skills online.

Examples: Wedding photography website, design website (for clothing, interior design, web design), video processing website, paintings website, copywriting services website…
#3 E-learning website

Do you dream of having your own digital academy where student may learn a lot from your knowledge and expertise? A website is a wonderful solution for e-learning materials – videos, articles, lessons of mixed type, tests, books and many more.

Maybe you are deep into psychology, marketing, personal development, business, rhetoric, fitness, health and nutrition or something else?

Now is the time to share your knowledge with the world and enjoy having true fans! Why not even make a profit out of it?

Examples: E-learning website for a language or a science, personal development, professional development in a certain field (programming, digital marketing, psychology, accounting, etc.)…
#4 News website

News is shared not only on TV or radio. In the same time you don’t need to write news following the standard approach. Uspelite.bg is a Bulgarian example – they share tons of positive and inspiring news. Of course, if you dig in, you’ll find more non-traditional examples!

You can share news for your hometown or news concerning a specific industry/business field. Break through and eliminate all stereotypes! Over time you may become an institution – a source of reliable information as this will bring huge satisfaction to you.
 Be brave!

Examples: News for a specific place/city/region/country, news from a specific professional field or for events (generally or in a specific field).
#5 Forums

Do you have a favorite forum of yours? Forums build communities and stimulate users to share their experience and opinions. Sometimes such places provoke sincere and sometimes even hot discussions. Users often source precious information from the experience and opinions of others. Nowadays, reviews and recommendations are a fundamental part of the decision making process. Even if they have come from the experience of a total stranger.

Examples: Gaming forums, teen forums, professional forums, etc.

If you consider creating a forum, think about the people you would like to attract for taking part in it. We have a wonderful educational article on this topic!

Read more: Buyer Persona – The Key to a Successful Business

#6 Website for charity causes

Maybe it’s important for you to be part of something bigger, something meaningful which helps other human beings or society in general?

Through such a website you can inform the wide audience about significant events and causes. Do what excites you the most!

Examples: Website for charity causes, events or stories.

You certainly can think of many more ideas. Focus on your personal desires. What would you like to share with the world?

Sometimes we lack confidence that our actions can lead to something meaningful for someone else – like teaching, inspiring or helping… Sometimes everything is about making the first step.

Try and see it is worth it!

Choose the most suitable name for your SuperIdea and provide a secure home for it as we will take care of its security and flawless running. Be brave and act now!
Daniela Koleva
Daniela Koleva
Didi is part of the SuperMarketing Team. One of her many SuperPowers is her ability to cope with any challenge she faces on her way to success. Her positive attitude, wide smile and absolute professionalism, immediately gains the sympathy of everyone – familiar and unfamiliar with her personality. It doesn't matter if a friend or a client needs her help, Didi is always ready to cooperate and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
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