Our SuperBlog improved and has a new… look

The SuperBlog’s regular readers have already noticed that it is different, more colorful and fashionable. 🙂 We also hope that is has become more attractive! However, we decided to officially present to you the new design of the good old SuperHosting.BG’s blog! We hope that you will like it as much as we do! 🙂

​Besides its new look you will also find a few improvements we introduced especially for you:

1. SuperSearch

The blog already has its brand new search engine through which you can find the most interesting information with only one click! (Hint: look up, above the categories). 🙂

2. “The more, the better”

For your convenience we added recommended publications which will wait to be discovered by readers under every blog article. This is one more way for you to quickly find useful and interesting information.

3. His majesty “Content” has a spouse

Besides the newest and most interesting trends in the world of technology as well as the useful Support tips (our geek readers’ favorite categories), we decided to start creating useful content for those who are now making their first steps in the web field. You can find it in the category „For your website“. More and more entrepreneurs have to face the IT world and start asking questions like “How does a website work? or “How a website is created?”. For that reason we decided to talk about these and many more interesting topics in our blog. 🙂 Answers are coming very soon.

It is important for us to make the blog more interesting and useful place for you! Tell us the topics that are of great interest and you will like to read more about them here.  🙂
Tsvetomira Trifonova
Tsvet knows how hard it seems to create a website and how easy it tuns out. Tsvet's SuperPower is that she knows what questions bother the beginners in web and can answer each one of them.
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