Google’s Rebranding and Your Shopiko Online Store

Changes and updates always provoke mixed feelings – confusion and mobilization at the same time. We are witnessing a new transformation in the digital world. Google did a complete rebranding of its advertising services. In this article we will find out how these changes will affect your Shopiko Online Store and how you can benefit from them.

Google Analytics – quickly, easily and effectively see who visits your website!

Google Analytics keeps tracking records of your site’s traffic by various segmented criteria. With Shopiko, you can quickly and easily link your store to Google Analytics. Thanks to the integrated gtag.js code in Shopiko’s platform, your website’s activity data will be automatically sent to all Google platforms such as AdWords, Analytics, DoubleClick.

You no longer have to inject different scripts into your website for each individual Google tool. For your convenience, Shopiko requires you to only copy and paste your ID into the appointed field – not the full code. Then we will take care of all.

If you haven’t linked your Shopiko online store with Google Analytics yet, follow the instructions in this help article: Google Analytics in my Shopiko Online Store – Your first steps!(BG)

What changes will appear on Google Analytics?

Let’s lower the tension – nothing regarding the functionalities of Google’s products will change. On July 24th, all paid marketing tools were united under the hat of Google Market Platform. It includes:

  • Google Analytics 360;
  • Display & Video 360;
  • Search Ads 360;
  • Attribution 360;
  • Tag Manager 360;
  • Optimize 360;
  • Surveys 360;
  • Data Studio 360.

This change is not only about the name and the logo. It gives an opportunity to all agencies and marketers who use Google’s paid services to get everything they need in one place.

There is missing a clarity around the future of Google Analytics’ free version – the one you are using too. We assume that so far there is no change and everything is as before.

The most effective advertising for your Shopiko online store – Google AdWords

You probably know that Google AdWords is one of the most popular and effective tool to attract customers through paid advertising. By using it you can reach your target audience with just a few clicks. Keyword targeting makes it possible to attract truly interested website visitors.

Additionally, once landed on your site, visitors will be able to remember your brand with the help of remarketing. In this way, your ads will be distributed across the entire Display Network for boosted brand awareness. This will naturally lead to gaining more loyal customers and boosting sales.

Find out how to activate the dynamic retargeting module in your Shopiko online store and expand your business: Shopiko – dynamic retargeting and ecommerce tracking from Google AdWords (Google Ads) (BG).

By all means, Google AdWords provides great promotional and sales opportunities for your online store – Shopiko. More information about the platform and how to get the most out of its various ad types you can find in the following articles:

Google Ads™ – More Effective Means of Advertising (Part I)
Google Ads™ – More Effective Means of Advertising (Part II)

What changes will appear on Google AdWords?

As you’ve already noticed we no longer see the Google AdWords brand since July 24th. It is renamed to Google Ads. This step in Google’s development also aims at bringing more clarity and convenience to the management of ad campaigns.

Now you can take advantage of the Smart Campaigns. Their purpose is to fully automate the advertising process – from creation to implementation. It’s a very suitable tool for any small business that can’t afford large advertising budgets and/or doesn’t have the required time to create, monitor, and manage ad campaigns.

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Learn more about Google Ads’ coupon code terms and conditions of use.

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Daniela Koleva
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