Support tips

Why Are My Emails Going to the SPAM Folder?

Some SPAM protection systems may be quite tough and sensitive. And some even learn on the recipients' actions and sender reputation.

Testing Gutenberg for the Existing Website Content in WordPress

Testing the new editor with the already existing content on your website is the fastest way to find out if you will be able to use it.

Use an Encrypted Connection

Yesterday we told you more about the importance of having a reliable hosting partner for securing your web presence. Today we will focus on connections.

Successful Import of 25 Thousand Products to’s WooCommerce Shop (Case Study)

Recently we took part in resolving an intriguing case with an online store, hosted by us. It is WordPress with WooCommerce.

Do NOT Choose 123456 qwerty, test as a Password

Have you ever used 123456, qwerty or test as a pasword? Choosing a strong password is one of the most important elements for your secure web presence.