5+1 Tips for Choosing a WordPress Theme

Your already have decided to create your own blog or website with WordPress – the most popular platform worldwide?

Installation is a piece of cake. As you already know, by using Softaculous you only need to go and click once in the cPanel of your hosting account.

You will have the platform ready in less than a minute. But here comes the difficult part – to generate meaningful and engaging web content with a catchy design. Choosing a suitable design theme is a key point. Therefore we present to you five tips for choosing a SuperTheme for your website.

1. Free vs. Premium Theme

Choose a premium theme to establish a strong professional online presence. Paid themes are SEO optimized, more functional, with less common design and the updates for them are more frequently released. They have additional features which save time for searching and installing plugins.

On the other end, if you want to create a blog to serve your hobby, you can rely on a free theme. In that case you will not be able to benefit of the premium features and most often the complete theme functionality will be available only if you pay for its premium version.

2. Theme Security

Choose your theme from the official website wordpress.org. Do not trust other sources offering free themes. They might have a hidden script, which can harm your website. A reliable site to download premium themes is themeforest.net. For even bigger safety, use plugins such as Theme Authenticity Checker and Sucuri which allow you to check your theme authenticity when necessary.

3. To Customize or Not to Customize? That is the question.

It is only natural to add your company logo and replace the default images. However, you might unintentionally break the integrity of the beautiful theme design while customizing. The best option is to select a theme which fully meets your design expectations.

If you want to completely change a certain theme, check whether its description says that you will do this with ease. If the magic phrase “easy-to-customize” is not mentioned there, customizing will most probably be a stumbling block.

4. What If It Turns out That the Theme Has a Bug?

Pay attention to the theme features in its description. Focus on the:

  • Last update – the theme should have been updated during the last three months, which means that developers are keeping it up to date;
  • Downloads – more downloads indicate greater interest;
  • Ratings – check how users rate the theme;
  • Forums and comments concerning the theme – how many questions have been asked and which of them actually found their answers;
  • Description – this gives you information if the theme is easy-to-customize, SEO optimized and about the additional features it has.

5. Now Your Users Are Mobile

Choose responsive design themes. So you will be sure that your website looks equally good both on desktop and mobile devices.
If you are using Google Chrome, you can test how your theme will look like on different mobile devices. Right click -> Inspect Element and then click on the phone icon.

Bonus Tip:

Try to find out who are the developers of the theme you’ve chosen. Check what kind of feedback they got from other users. Check the demo. A well-made demo which demonstrates the theme functionalities speaks a lot about the developers’ work.

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