Product Descriptions: The Best Structure

This is the second part of our series devoted to product descriptions that will help you sell more.

You probably wonder if there is a universal strategy for creating product descriptions.
Probably you think it can’t be that easy…

But actually there is a way. And we are happy to share it with you.

We know that generating content is a challenge for most traders. For this reason we will tell you a few secrets to help you compose persuasive and complete product descriptions which will boost your sales.

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The general rule requires the answer to a few fundamental questions:

  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?

+Bonus element, which we will explain in a while.

There is no time to waste! Let’s start…

Answer the question: What?

This is the most important question nobody has difficulties answering. Its answer is responsible for the descriptive part of your product. It is important to inform your customers about the nature of your product:

  • What is the product about?
  • What is its purpose?
  • What can it do?
  • What results can you expect?
  • What does it contain?
  • What is it made of?

By answering the question “What?” you start picturing the product in your customers’ minds. As much as self-evident this answer might seem, it really can’t stimulate clients to place orders. The question plays an introductory and explanatory role.

So we reach go on with the next question…

Explain to your potential customers: How?

How your product will help your buyers find solution to their problems? How their investments will give visible end results? After all, each client buys and consumes due to a certain need. Each customer seeks specific results and now is the time to remind you of your buyer persona.

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Tell your clients:

  • How your product works?
  • How to store it?
  • How to take care of it?
  • How to use it?

Whatever you sell, it’s not that important whether the product is good enough or not. It is crucial to present it in a way your current and future customers would love.

“How?” is definitely a must answer question.

Bonus element: Describe not only the product features, but how your customers can benefit from them.

Right after answering the “How” question, we recommend that you enlist the advantages your product offers. How it will help your customers be more healthy, successful, happier, faster, prettier or smarter.

Product contents and features should be left out in another section of the description.

Think about all possible scenarios. Make a list of all different types of buyer personas. People have different ways of perceiving products.
What’s more to that… people buy the same product for different reasons.

Quick tip: Write down all possible questions your customers may ask when looking through your product page. Group them according to our general questions and fill in their answers. Link them into a meaningful, cohesive and coherent text and you will see how persuasive and detailed your description is then.
Bonus tip: Take notes when you communicate with your customers. When someone calls you to place an order, write down everything that they ask or are interested in. Little by little you will notice that some of the questions are coming on the surface over and over. Include their detailed answers in your product descriptions.

The most important question: Why?

60% of the businesses do not answer it. Why?

Because it is a mixture of key components: vision, mission, values, beliefs, unique selling proposition.

The answer of “Why” can go in a few directions:

  • Why you do what you do?
  • Why do you offer it to your customers?
  • Why are you different from the rest of the online stores that sell the same or similar products/services?

As Simon Sinek says:

People don’t buy what you do. They buy the reason you do it.

If you want to be a few steps ahead of your competition, pay special attention to the question: Why?

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Be sure clients will be impressed. They rarely encounter descriptions, including reasons why the customer should choose exactly this product, offered by exactly this brand.

Last but not least, here is an easy exercise to get oriented in the structure described above:

  1. Look through the product descriptions of famous brands. Search for the answers of: What, how, why?
  2. Explore their structure – how their answers are ordered and how the people behind the brand answered the questions.
  3. Pay attention to what is impressive, what you fancy, what they’ve missed.
  4. Try to borrow some ideas for your own descriptions.
Important: Don’t get influenced by the practices of your competitors. If they don’t pay attention to their product descriptions, this is not a reason for you to do the same. This is a significant aspect from the field of e-commerce. Be different and show your customers you care and you are worthy!

We wish you luck while creating your sales copies.

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Daniela Koleva
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