Submission of .БГ Domain Registration Requests Has Begun

The sunrise period for requesting and registering .бг domains in Cyrillic officially started on February 8th, 2017. During this period you can only submit a domain registration request. Registering a .бг domain itself will be possible after May 8th, 2017.

For the time being registration requests can be submitted only through the registrar’s system (Imena.BG AD) that is performing the role of a currently appointed registrar. You can submit your registration request

Very soon we are about to sign a contract for accredited registrar with Imena.BG AD and then we will integrate the REGRR registration protocol. Afterwards, you will be able to submit domain registration requests through our system as well. We hope to complete this procedure by the end of February 2017.

How are the submission requests going to be processed?

All requests that have been submitted during the sunrise period will queue and will be processed after the period is over. Firstly, they will be sorted and divided into two categories:

justified requests – the registrant provided a document (trademark, organization name, etc.), that validates the right to use a specific domain name;

unjustified requests – the registrant did not provide a document validating the right to use a specific domain name.
If a domain name has more than one requests queuing, the justified one will be registered with priority no matter when the rest were submitted. If there is more than one justified request and they all have a real justification, the earliest submitted one will be registered first. If there is more than one unjustified request, the earliest submitted one will be registered first.

Will registered .bg domains have any influence when registering a .бг domain?

Only domains such as кирилица.bg will be significant when registering a .бг domain. The sunrise period applies to them as well.

Domains that have been registered in Latin letters such as will not have any significant role during the Cyrillic domains registration.

All domains of the кирилица.bg type that have been registered before February 8th, 2017 will automatically receive a кирилица.бг clone so they will make a couple – име.бг and име.bg.
The cloned domain name will remain inactive until it is registered under the standard procedure. Until the cloned name is registered it will have a “blocked” status, which means that only the registrant will be able to register it since they own half of the domain couple. And the couple may belong only to one and the same registrant.

Cyrillic domains that are about to be registered after February 8th, 2017 will be always treated as a couple, i.e. when a кирилица.bg is requested upon, кирилица.бг will be also automatically offered and vice versa. The registrant will decide whether to register the domain couple or only one of them. The registrant also has the right to choose between Latin and Cyrillic letters upon registration. There is an option to register only one from the couple as the second will be blocked and kept only until the first is active.

Can all Cyrillic names be registered?

During the sunrise period the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications will provide a list with names prohibited for registration. These are names of cities, municipalities and districts, tourist sites, etc. During the sunrise period you can submit registration requests for such domains as they will queue, but later it will not be possible to register them. Only the respective municipality, administrative unit or institution for which the domain name is reserved will have the right to do this.

The registrar (Imena.BG AD) will also provide a list with domains such as регистър.бг, имена.бг. им which you will not be able to register either.

You can find more information on the domain names that are allowed for registration at General Terms and Conditions for Registration: Imena.BG AD

Is there any guarantee that if a registrant submits a domain registration request during the sunrise period, the domain will be registered by this specific registrant?

Until the expiry of the sunrise period nobody can guarantee this for sure. There might always be other requests on the queue that will have certain priority. If the request is unjustified the domain might be registered on another justified request no matter where they stand on a queue. A domain might also be a part of a list with protected names that are about to be provided by the registrar.

Do have in mind that there is a great possibility to register a domain name if you submit your request as quickly as possible. If it is justified it will be great!

Hurry up and claim your .бг domain before someone does it instead of you.

Svetoslav Iliev
Svetoslav Iliev
Svetoslav is vital part of our SuperTeam. His SuperPowers are multitasking and the skill to put all projects in order. He always knows which is the right approach to implement improvements and how to make our clients happy.
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