Progress In Online Sales – Infographics

Have you ever thought how often you buy things online? And do you know how e-commerce is developing across Bulgaria and Europe?

In the past year, e-commerce shows significant development once again. Expectations predict that the rise will continue in 2015 and 2016. The forecast shows that e-commerce revenues in Europe will reach 4.4% GDP (in 2016). Increasing number of people choose to buy products and services online. They shop from home, from the office, on the street or their favourite cafeteria. In 2014 47% of the web users have bought something online (Europe). E-commerce has become an important factor for the development of the European economy. Around 2 million people are employed directly or indirectly in the field of e-commerce. Due to the sector’s development, in the past year the number of online orders shipped across Europe has reached 3,7 billion.

The situation in Bulgaria is similar. Despite the smaller scales, e-commerce marks considerable growth every year. Bulgarians occupy the fourth place for online sales in East Europe with a revenue of about 200 million Euro.

You can find more interesting information in the infographics below.

Progress In Online Sales - Infographics

(Sources: NSI (National Statistical Institute)  and

How Does E-commerce Develop in Bulgaria?
  • We observe a turnover in the retail model.
  • We have greater choice and broad access to information than ever before.
  • We are looking online for products and services more and more.
  • We compare prices, we do research and choose where to buy based on customer reviews.
  • Delivery companies are also changing. They are becoming more flexible.
  • The dealers are paying more attention to customer service.
  • We are constantly being bombarded with advertising campaigns and luring promotions.

All of those factors make the good online presence absolutely necessary for almost every business. This is due to the growing number web and mobile device users. The purchase process is also experiencing a change. Nowadays, the users most often start searching a product while using their mobile devices and finish the purchase in front of their computers. In 2015, the mobile-friendly websites and the responsive design will be vital once again. The number of sellers and the diversity of products offered online will grow bigger. In this way both customers and the country’s economy win. We are about to witness the upcoming changes.

Which do you think are the sectors in which e-commerce will be developing in 2015?
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