3 SuperHeroes with 3 new SuperSites. Is yours ready?

We are moving forward to the next three stories with our SuperHeroes.
Yes, you’ve already met them. On the TV screen. And we know you remember them clearly.

How are we so sure? Because they are so enchanting that it’s impossible to forget them!

Yavkata, Lin Lin and Detelin have impressed everyone with their amazing skills and passionate business ideas. Our SuperAds have already introduced you to their personalities. Now we are about to introduce you to their new websites.

Finally they’ve also created an online identity for their businesses. Just as colorful and memorable as themselves! To turn their vision into reality, they chose the most suitable domain names and hosting plans for their websites’ needs.

Let’s see the results!
Yavkata turns boring formulas into an exciting journey

Microbiology, chemistry and party. Do you know what do they have in common? Of course, the answer is Yavkata – our SuperHero who can make any child fall in love with science. With his unforgettable parties where he presents tricks and fun games Yavor awakes the immagination and curiousity for science of all children.

Snowy rainbow in test-tube, erupting smoky foam, flying toilet paper – these are just few of the fun ways Yavor uses to put smiles on children’s faces.

Unusual, interesting and original. What if he doesn’t own a website? Well… it would be a shame to have this talent hidden from the world. Our belief that everyone deserves to have their own site, helped us to get the job done with our partners and create an amazing website for Yavkata – highlighting his impressive activities.

You can visit his brand new site now – dnklab.eu. Get to know his birthday science programs, interactive fun classes for youngsters, and corporate events.

Bravo, Yavka! Your website is great. Let’s get the party started!


Lin Lin breaks down the common belief that Chinese language is difficult to learn

Lin Lin’s life path is a complex combination of many diverse interests that she perfectly intertwines in a beautiful bouquet of skills and passion. Her journey starts with mathematics, goes through tennis coaching, and then continues to the path of becoming a model and an actor. What brings her to China and how her love for eastern culture and language becomes her destiny, you can find out on her website – chinawithsilvia.com.

Today Lin Lin is an Ambassador of the Chinese Language and Culture. Her goal is to introduce you to this mysterious, infinite and curious world. The journey will help you learn to write hieroglyphs and speak freely in Chinese.

Lin Lin, your website is a true inspiration and expresses fully your colorful personality!

Lin Lin is a Chinese ambassador and her website is amazing!

Detelin prints 3D chocolate and amazes with SuperDesigns

Do you love chocolate? Chocolate3D.com will make you adore it!

Detelin is a passionate chocolate maker. If you can imagine an idea, he will help you hold it in your hands. The special events in your life are no longer just beautiful and exciting but also melting sweet. Detelin prints dreams and inspires everyone to believe in magic.

Visit his new website and feel the joy of seeing his impressive chocolate designs!
Well done! Detelin, your site evokes the adventurous spirit of each visitor!

Detelin prints 3D chocolates and inspires everyone!

Congratulations to our SuperHeroes – Yavkata, Lin Lin and Detelin! Now everyone can find them easily on the web. With just one click.

And your website? Have you already started working on it?
Don’t miss the chance to share your ideas online. This will help you reach more people and be easily discovered. Choose a super name (domain) and get a secure home for your website (hosting).
Start your own website! We keep a special space for it!
Daniela Koleva
Daniela Koleva
Didi is part of the SuperMarketing Team. One of her many SuperPowers is her ability to cope with any challenge she faces on her way to success. Her positive attitude, wide smile and absolute professionalism, immediately gains the sympathy of everyone – familiar and unfamiliar with her personality. It doesn't matter if a friend or a client needs her help, Didi is always ready to cooperate and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
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