Four Cool Ideas for IT Out-of-office Replies

Important: The following article is not recommended for readers with no sense of humor. 🙂

Summer is finally here! It is time for a holiday! This article is exactly what you need if you are still stuck at the office, trying to work and 90% of your Facebook friends keep posting amazing photos from the seaside while you are patiently waiting for a deserved vacation!

For you summer is the time for sunshine, sea waves, beautiful beaches and refreshing mountain walks. But for your email this is the season of automatic out-of-office emails. These are the ones informing that you are absent from your workplace. In other words – that you have access to the internet, but you are on a vacation and the sea breeze somehow inspires you to do anything but open your mailbox.

We present to your attention four funny scenarios for IT geeks so as to make your summer OoO automatic replies fancier. Of course, you are the one to decide who will receive such replies since it is not a good idea for people to think that your email has been hacked and someone is making fun of you (more information on how to set up auto responders in cPanel).

Online Marketing Specialist:


I will be out of office until (date). Up to this date I won’t be able to read my emails, but I highly appreciate your enthusiasm for taking advantage of our awesome summer promotion (link). Feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or any other communication channel.
You can thank me in person as soon as I get back from my vacation!

Kind regards,
Your Name



The issues described in your email will take some time – at least (the number of days you will be off + 3-4 days), because I will be on vacation until (date). I still have access to my PC and an internet connection, but I’m using them only for playing (the name of your favorite game). Moreover, recently I’ve been <em>very distracted</em.

Please do not dare touching anything on your website’s code while I’m absent. Keep calm and wait for my return. In urgent cases, please contact my fellow developer (name) who will be glad to help you or will remind you to clear your cache and wait until I get back.

Kind regards,
Your Name



Due to extraordinary circumstances I will be out of office until (date). I am busy getting sun-tanned, gathering souvenirs for my colleagues and new ideas for your website! I will be back soon full of many new fancy surprises and fresh design ideas.
It will be great if you also put a pinch of creativity in the email body. Sun, beach, cocktails or a mountain view… you are the ones generating inspiring ideas! We will be glad if you share some of them with us as well 🙂



This is an auto-reply email to inform you that every message which does not contain a “Let’s have drinks together” subject will be deleted to free up server space.
On (date) I will be back to work and will reply to all the messages that survived. Until then (your colleague’s name) will be available 24/7.

Best regards,
Your name

Important: Make sure that at the end of the email you write a short note to inform your clients that the message is actually a good-hearted joke.
Tip from the Support:
Set automatic replies in cPanel (on the server). This way they will be sent even if mail client is closed. If you set automatic reply only in your mail client, you should always keep it open to send out-of-office messages.

Meanwhile we will continue keeping space for your websites. We will be very happy if you return the favor and keep a sun bed at the beach for us. 🙂

We look forward to reading your cool ideas for Out-of-office email responses as comments below the article! 🙂

Tsvetelina Nenkova
Tsvetelina Nenkova
Tsveti works hard to improve our services and offer them to our SuperCustomers in the most appropriate way. Tsveti's SuperPower is that she always learn fast the innovations in hosting technologies and quickly applies them to SuperHosting.BG.
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