The SuperEvents During the First Half of 2017

The summer is here and only half of this year has passed but we have already met more than 10.000 new friends while attending 46 events for the past six months. We decided to take stock.

We gave away 1715 SuperAwards:

1715 SuperAwards
*Task: See for yourself how many hosting prizes we have given away. 🙂

A short overview of the highlights:

    • On February 22nd, NASA discovered a new planet where life may have evolved.
      On February 23rd, our SuperAstronauts discovered a new planet where SuperSites SuperSites may evolve. 🙂

1715 SuperAwards

    • We presented Shopiko on 8 e-commerce events in 4 different cities. We gave away 6 boxes of t-shirts, 5 boxes of notepads and 5 boxes of cups.


    • While our colleagues at the office were coding, our marketing engineers navigated the marketing developers in organizing booth stands at numerous events.


    • Our schedule was filled with over 300 lectures (12 of which we presented). We carefully followed presentations on React.js, SEO, PPC, e-commerce, WordPress, Innovations, JavaScript, Entrepreneurship, Design and many more interesting topics.


    • Recipe:
      1. A pinch of creativity,
      2. 8 new games,
      3. A few pounds of promo codes,
      4. 30 pounds of nuts 😀

      And we have prepared more than 300 new websites.


    • Support has always been a very important aspect of our work. That’s why we took care to provide maximum comfort in our SuperCorner that was used for relaxation, phone charging, networking, coffee breaks, working and many more.


During fall 2017 we look forward to attending lots of more SuperEvents and enjoying many more emotions, surprises and awards. Do not forget to follow our blog for interesting contests and free tickets. ?
SuperHosting.BG is our SuperTeam! Every day we give our best to make our clients number one. The SuperPower of our SuperTeam is that we are always ready to provide you the precise information you need.
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