Good news: .ЕЮ domain name is already here!

Starting today you can register your .ЕЮ domain in Cyrillic with us under the same conditions as for the .eu domain.

Adding the top-level .ЕЮ extension makes using Internationalized Domain Names in Cyrillic more beneficial than ever before. Visitors will no longer need to switch languages when they enter the website URL in the browser.

Introducing .ЕЮ domain in Cyrillic will result in a few crucial changes:

  • If you want to register a domain in Cyrillic, the extension should also be in Cyrillic. And vice versa – if you want your domain to be in Latin, its extension should also be in Latin.
For example: You can register a ВашатаФирма.ею domain and, but not or ВашатаФирма.eu.
  • For each domain that has already been registered in Cyrillic with an .eu extension in Latin, it will be cloned the same domain name, but with an extension in Cyrillic. Both domains will be active within the next three years as no further payment is required for the cloned one.
  • If your domain name consists of digits only, you can register it with both extensions.

Do you find the new domain extension in Cyrillic useful? Do you have an idea for a new project, involving the new .ею extension?

If the answer of these two questions is “YES”, today is a big day for you!

We have a special offer!

We have prepared a special promo offer for all our customers to celebrate the new .ЕЮ domain. Check it on our website! 🙂

Tsvetomira Trifonova
Tsvet knows how hard it seems to create a website and how easy it tuns out. Tsvet's SuperPower is that she knows what questions bother the beginners in web and can answer each one of them.
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