New Policies for Domain Contact Details Management

Ownership prevention and greater security from December 1st 2016.

Almost three years ago, from January 1st 2014 ICANN requires that we ask you to verify your contact data when registering a new domain. Now on December 1st 2016, a new policy, regulating contact details changes for all existing domains, enters into force.

The changes in policies were announced by ICANN  on June 1st 2016 as registrars had a period of six months available to implement any changes in relation to the new rules. All .com, net, .org domains and the rest of the gTLD* domains will be affected by the regulations.

With regards to the new policies, each change in the domain contact details (first and last name, email address, organization) will be treated as a request for ownership transfer. For the change to happen both the old and the new registrant shall give their consent. In this relation after any change, the registrar will send an email to the address specified by the domain owner so that the registrant can confirm that they agree with the change by clicking a link in the email. If the contact details change includes a new email address, the verification email will be sent to both the old and new email addresses. Confirmation will be needed from both emails.

The domain transfer prohibition for 60 days after contact details change will remain effective. All gTLD* domains, among which are .com, net, .org, .info, .biz will be affected by the change. Domains .bg. .eu, .ею and CCTLDs won’t be affected.
However, there are many questions that the new policies do not clearly answer.

  • What if the old email address has been deactivated?
  • What if at a certain point you do not have access to the email?
  • Why a slight domain name change shall be treated as an ownership transfer request?

As a hosting company that has registered over 100.000 domains we were very worried about these issues. The same goes for our registrars. We all share the opinion that the new policy does not give any additional benefits to registrants. On the contrary, it will lead to difficulties, related to domain contact details management.

We always strive to facilitate our customers when using our services customers. То avoid the email confirmation for each contact detail change we added a new provision to our General Terms and Conditions for Domains. This provision authorizes the provider to act on the registrant’s behalf (as a Designated Agent) and automatically confirm any domain contact details change. This way the process of changing contact details will not be altered as of December 1st 2016 and no further verifications will be required.

What is the difference at SuperHosting.BG

The only difference will be the domain transfer prohibition for 60 days after contact details change. This is actually a good security strategy and it protects the registrant from unauthorized domain transfer to another company.

We will notify each of our customers in their cPanel for domain management that after a change in their domain details it will stay transfer prohibited for 60 days.

All our customers will be also informed by email for the upcoming changes. Each domain owner will be able to update contact details before the new policies enter into force.

Your domain name is your online identity and we advise you:

Always register new domains on your name or your company name when you but them. This guarantees your ownership of the domain. Do not allow 3-rd parties to register your domain.

*gTLD – Generic top-level domain


Svetoslav Iliev
Svetoslav is vital part of our SuperTeam. His SuperPowers are multitasking and the skill to put all projects in order. He always knows which is the right approach to implement improvements and how to make our clients happy.
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