Would You Like to Win a Ticket for Bulgaria Web Summit 2018? We Are Giving Away 10 of Them!

The season of the sunny smiles and spring events has started! One of the most anticipated events for all web developers and designers – Bulgaria Web Summit is about to happen very soon for a fifth consecutive year as it will present to our attention the hottest and most useful topics in the web world. By tradition we will see you at the Inter Expo Center on April, 13th and 14th. Tickets are selling like Easter cakes.

This is the event which gathers nearly 800 visitors from 15 countries on 3 continents. It is worth visiting, isn’t it?

The first day of the conference is practice-oriented as 4 workshops will take place on the 13th. The conference will take place on the second day of the event when we will learn many new things and topics not previously discussed. The event organizers have provided 4 halls so that they can encompass a maximum number of topics and you can choose the most interesting and useful lectures to attend. The program is divided so that you do not miss any of the exciting topics. In case you do, you will get the chance to talk in person with the speaker. Speakers are so diverse that only one blog post is not enough to outline everything about them. Visit theevent’s website to learn more.

Why attend the conference?
  • You will get very inspired and motivated.
  • You will learn many new things from the web field.
  • You will get familiar will the latest trends and best practices from professionals who use them.
  • You will meet many colleagues and companies in this industry to exchange experience, ideas and have a friendly talk with.
  • You will get better in your job.
  • You will have fun, laugh and interact with super cool people.
The main topics to be discussed are:
  • Front-end;
  • Back-end;
  • UX;
  • Design;
  • Privacy;
  • eHealth;
  • WebVR;
  • IoT;
  • and also everything we would like to talk about while networking.

The whole event program in the four halls is available on the website of Bulgaria Web Summit 2018.

In our blog we give away presents not only at Christmas. It is already hard to find tickets, but we keep 10 of them for our regular readers.

We will select 10 of you to win them. To be one of the winners you only need to answer the following questions:

Which of Bulgaria Web Summit 2018 speakers you would love to see and why?

Please leave your comments below this post until 16:00h on 4th April 2018. 10 of you will be selected on a random principle.

We will wait for you around 8:30 at the conference reception to register and chat over a hot cup of coffee to start a very meaningful day.
SuperHosting’s team will be there for sure! We will look forward to meeting you since we have prepared SuperSurprises, gifts and games!

Danilina Yarkova
Danny is a part of our SuperMarketing team. She bravely dives in a deep water of public communications. Her SuperPower is the unstoppable yearning for learning new things and putting them to live in her job and life. She believes that even the hardest question has its simple answer and is always ready to help a client and a friend.
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