10 Free Tickets for Bulgaria Web Summit 2016

How do you picture yourself in a year? And where will you be in 10 days?

You are probably wondering why we ask such questions. 🙂

We already know where you should be, especially if the answer of the first question is: “I will be a better IT specialist”. In this case, mark the upcoming 20 February in your calendar and come join us at the Bulgaria Web Summit 2016.
By tradition this IT event will introduce you to acknowledged speakers, who will be glad to share their extensive experience. Among them we spot significant names like Robert Nyman, Jurgen Appelo, Anna Dahlström, Colin Charles, Krasimir Tsonev, Etiene Dalcol, Igor Mihalik, Sebastian Witalec, and many others. You can see the full speaker list on the event website .

We are going to talk about (almost) everything on the modern web such as UX/UI, databases, programming, communication. You will have the opportunity to choose between 4 different keynotes at anytime and visit those which are of interest for you.

Keep your evening free because the day will end with a party! 🙂

Tickets for Bulgaria Web Simmit 2016 сare available until 12th February! Hurry up!

As usual we are giving away 10 tickets for the event. You are wondering how to win a ticket?

Tell us at least one reason why you would like to attend Bulgaria Web Simmit 2016!

Please leave your answers as comments below the article until 13:00h on 15th February 2016. Later on the same day, 10 of you will get a free ticket. The winners will be randomly selected. Good luck to everyone!

We look forward to meeting all of you on 20th February 2016 in Inter Expo Center! We have prepared numerous pleasant surprises for those who will attend the event.

Tsvetomira Trifonova
Tsvet knows how hard it seems to create a website and how easy it tuns out. Tsvet's SuperPower is that she knows what questions bother the beginners in web and can answer each one of them.
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