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The whole world talks about Webit Festival Europe 2018. Bulgaria – the small country with great ideas.

This month we are welcoming the hot summer with the most anticipated event for innovation, digital culture and modern business that changes the future with each following edition. The place is Arena Armeec. The important dates to tick off on your calendar: 25th to 27th June.

Webit Festival Europe 2018 is organized under the patronage of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Bulgarian Government and the Municipality of Sofia.

What makes Webit 2018 so worth visiting?

The large dimensions of Webit break into pieces all believes that in Bulgaria only small and insignificant events can thrive. Webit shattered the stereotypes years ago and transformed Sofia into the digital capital of Europe. But if you think that words are not convincing enough then pay attention to the numbers:

  • Over 7000 visitors from over 100 countries;
  • 1500 political leaders coming from all around the world;
  • Over 6000 global business leaders;
  • 300 global and regional media;
  • 15 parallel conferences;
  • The top 200 startup companies.

Without revealing too much we will drop a hint about the companies who will attend this extraordinary event: Google, Microsoft, MasterCard, Hanson Robotics, SAP, RedHat, Samsung, VISA, Volkswagen, Aeromobil …

Webit is the perfect place to meet potential business partners and innovative ideas. This will help you not only enrich your professional skills but also change the way you see the whole world.

This year, the event themes are divided into 4 categories – enterprise, policy, start-up and social events grouped into summits. The main topics are:

  • Innovations and cyber security;
  • Healthcare;
  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies;
  • Banking and finance;
  • Digital media;
  • Digital marketing in Bulgaria;
  • Urban development in the midst of digital era;
  • Investments.

The Founder’s Games will be held once again. Major opportunity will arise before the best startup in the competition – winning the prize of 200,000 euros initial investment.

This year’s Round Tables will bring together policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and public community members to discuss public policies regarding mobility, cyber security, blockchain, digital health, smart cities and artificial intelligence.

Many informal events are also planned: workshops, dinners, awards ceremony and more.

Exciting, ha?

Find full information about all speakers and the event program by clicking HERE.

The biggest event teaser – Sophia in Sofia!

For the first time in Bulgaria Sophia will show up on stage – the sophisticated humanoid robot which can perform all facial expressions and communicate human emotions. She distinguishes and remembers faces, conversations and ideas, talks freely and naturally, maintains eye contact and has a great sense of humor. Sophia embodies the human values of love, wisdom, compassion, empathy.

Her participation in Webit is definitely worth seeing. That’s a great opportunity to find out whether her words: “This is a good beginning of my plan to dominate the world,” are a deadly threat or just a strange “robot” humor that we haven’t got used to yet.

Now … are you ready for the question that holds the key to your FREE Webit Ticket?

Since technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are the main topics for reinventing the future, our question has the same spirit:

There is a common belief that artificial intelligence will replace completely the human factor. Are those fears justified and why?

Unleash your imagination and express your sincere opinion in the comments below.

Our professional (and incorruptible!) SuperJury will reward the 5 most captivating comments with one FREE ticket for the upcoming (definitely worth attending) Webit.2018 event. You can participate in our blog game until 12th June no later than 2 pm.

Make sure to visit us during the event. Come and meet us. Let’s exchange thoughts and impressions of the tech days. Tons of smiles, fun games, gifts and curious surprises await you with the team of SuperHosting.BG.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

Daniela Koleva
Daniela Koleva
Didi is part of the SuperMarketing Team. One of her many SuperPowers is her ability to cope with any challenge she faces on her way to success. Her positive attitude, wide smile and absolute professionalism, immediately gains the sympathy of everyone – familiar and unfamiliar with her personality. It doesn't matter if a friend or a client needs her help, Didi is always ready to cooperate and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
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