12 Bulgarian Technological Achievements You Should Know About

The summer vacation is over! First school days are here and it’s time to talk about education and discuss a few significant Bulgarian achievements.

The beginning of the new school year inspired us to tell you more about them since they concern technological progress worldwide. Our lesson today is dedicated to all students, even the grown up ones who do not go to school any more. We promise there will be no exams at the end!

  • John Atanasoff was of Bulgarian origin. He was an American physicist, best known for inventing the first electronic digital computer. This invention marked the beginning of a technological revolution that stretches to the present.
  • By 2007 Bulgaria ranked first in Europe and eight in the world when it comes to certified specialists in the IT field per capita. By the beginning of 2017 the number of specialists employed in this field is still rapidly growing: there are about 20,000 people working in the software field and 40,000 in the outsourcing sector.
  • Viktor Andonov designed one of the most popular computer games in the world – Half-Life 2.
  • George Borshukov is known for his revolutionary work with virtual cinematography performed for the super effects in the Matrix movie.
  • The Bulgarian physicist acad. Georgi Nadjakov investigated photoconducting properties of sulphur whose practical application led to the invention of the photocopier.
  • The IT developer Vladimir Koylazov is the only Bulgarian who won an Oscar. In 2017 he and his coworker Peter Mitev were awarded for their contribution to cinematography as their company developed the most popular technology worldwide for 3D visualization. Actually they got as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio did. 🙂
  • Kristina Tsvetanova is the inventor of the first tablet for blind people. For this she won the EU’s Rising Innovators Award in 2017.
  • Delyan Asparuhov was only 20 when he developed the first smart phone application intended for therapists working with children with autism in 2013.
  • Peter Petroff helped develop components of the world’s first digital watch. He also assisted in the development of one of the earliest computerized pollution monitoring systems and an early wireless heart monitor, as well as many other important devices.
  • The first digital book for blind people was created by Lachezar Tsvetanov who is a graduate of the Sofia High School of Mathematics.
  • Milen Nikolov was a university student in computer systems and technologies who invented a chip for mobiles that gets network coverage everywhere on the planet and even in open space.
  • Thanks to the Software for eye protection, health and productivity, developed by Daniel Georgiev, all people who suffer from daltonism can see true colors. This is the first application of the kind that has helped more than 300,000,000 people worldwide.

All of the abovementioned people were also students when young. We hope they inspired you and sparked your interest for technologies. This list still needs to be completed with many more names.

Danilina Yarkova
Danilina Yarkova
Danny is a part of our SuperMarketing team. She bravely dives in a deep water of public communications. Her SuperPower is the unstoppable yearning for learning new things and putting them to live in her job and life. She believes that even the hardest question has its simple answer and is always ready to help a client and a friend.
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