Manage Your Website Quickly and Easily with WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

We keep delivering great news regarding your hosting accounts!
As of now, a beta of the new WordPress manager by SuperHosting is available in cPanel.


It allows you to manage your website quickly and easily, install WordPress with only a few clicks, check your website’s level of security or speed up loading, recover data from a backup and many more!

The plugin was developed by our industrious and creative technical support team, programmers and sysadmins to facilitate work for all of the platform’s fans.

To this day WordPress is still the most widely preferred CMS by our customers.

TOP 3 of the most popular CMS among our customers:


You can find the beta of WordPress Manager by SuperHosting in the cPanel of your hosting account. Our SuperTeam is still working on a few enhancements and bug fixes to release an official version very soon.

WordPress Manager by SuperHosting is offered as a Light (for SuperStart) or Full (for SuperPro and SuperHosting) versions on our shared hosting plans.

The Light version offers the following features:

  • Easy installation and removal of a WordPress website;
  • Security checks and better protection;
  • Backup recovery with just one click;
  • Quick administrative data modification and activation of additional protection;
  • Moving Cron Jobs from WordPress (WP-Cron) to cPanel for speeding up your website;
  • Importing new installations in the plugin.

The Full version offers all of the Light features plus:

  • Moving installations to another directory and loading from a different URL;
  • Additional caching modules for enhancing your website’s performance;
  • WP-CLI.

The plugin aims at making all of our customers’ lives easier especially of those building websites with WordPress and the ones who are now starting their first project.

That’s why we challenge you: find the WordPress Мanager by SupеrHosting in your cPanel, test it and tell us what you think. The beta is awaiting your suggestions for improvements. Meanwhile we keep doing our magic until we finally achieve the perfect combination of a great WordPress Manager and SuperHappy customers. 🙂
Enjoy! 🙂

Tsvetelina Nenkova
Tsvetelina Nenkova
Tsveti works hard to improve our services and offer them to our SuperCustomers in the most appropriate way. Tsveti's SuperPower is that she always learn fast the innovations in hosting technologies and quickly applies them to SuperHosting.BG.
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