Share the winter with a friend!

Low temperatures, snow-capped mountains, smoke from the chimneys – everything around shows that the winter is here! This is the season with numerous occasions to get together with family and friends. For that very reason we prepared a new challenge for you:

Share your winter!

Because winter is better when shared with friends! Spend the cold days with your closest people while skiing in the mountains, being out for a snowball fight, at home behind the sweaty window or in front of the computer – talking to friends who are far away (or proving to them that you are still better on your favorite PC game)! 🙂

Make the winter season special for you, your family and your friends and let us make it special for your website!

Take advantage of our winter offer!

Your websites also need attention during the cold days and we will provide them with the best care! Get a hosting plan with up to 75% discount!

But that’s not all!
If you already have shared hosting plan, log in to your client profile and find out how your friends can make winter more special for your website!

Tsvetomira Trifonova
Tsvet knows how hard it seems to create a website and how easy it tuns out. Tsvet's SuperPower is that she knows what questions bother the beginners in web and can answer each one of them.
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