SPAM protection

Safety and security on the Internet? Challenge accepted!

In recent years the topic of Internet security is becoming more pressing. There is a reason why the sites of our customers are not among those subject to leaked passwords, for which we read stories literally every week. The reason is that SuperHosting.BG takes care of the security of information hosted with us. In a series of articles we will tell you more about our security system – how it was conceived, how it evolved over time and how it currently protects your websites.

4 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Spam Emails and 10 Tips on How to Protect Yourself

Today, it is difficult for us to imagine our communication without the speed and convenience of emails. But why are we getting junk mail? Why are these emails sent to us in the first place? Along with usual correspondence every once in awhile we we happen to get an unwanted email by an unknown sender.