New with Shopiko! Now you can order online SuperFast and SuperEasy

The Shopiko platform continues to get new features and improvements. After finishing the RSS feed module and the Econt Express integration, we added the Aurasel module and increased the security level in the system, but our constant struggle for making your life better could not simply stop. As we are strictly following the trends of websites becoming more user-friendly for mobile devices, we realized that the moment to optimize the online order process has come. For our customers’ convenience we relaunched the design and made it fully responsive. Furthermore, we have added several new features, which we hope you would like.
 The reason for this change is the growing number of users who visit websites and online stores through their mobile devices. According to a research of Consumer Barometer from 2014, the usage of smartphones in Bulgaria is ranked second place with 48%, after personal computers and laptops with 70% and tablets with 22%. This trend pushed online retailers worldwide to pay special attention to users who visit their websites mainly through mobile devices.

What has changed?

  • Optimized process of ordering online.
  • Redesign and overall optimization for all kind of mobile devices.
  • Development of a clear and simplified vision.
  • Improvement of the user experience while ordering products from all Shopiko web stores.
  • The primary goal of Shopiko web stores is to make the shopping process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Now you can order your favorite products much faster through a mobile device.

And a little bit more…

An autofill technology was integrated for an easier shopping process in all Shopiko based stores. Every customer, whether they use iPhone/iOS or Android, will notice the advantages of the displayed keyboard for the fields they needs to fill in. For example, when filling out an email, a keyboard will appear where next to the “Space” button is an “@” sign. If they fill in their phone number, a numeric keypad will be displayed. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?


Keyboard displayed when entering an email.


Keyboard displayed when entering a phone number.

We hope that you will like the new improvements and they will contribute to increasing the number of all orders in any Shopiko stores. We also hope that your customers will experience how pleasant and easy shopping through mobile devices can be.

Do you like our platform’s new features?

SuperHosting.BG is our SuperTeam! Every day we give our best to make our clients number one. The SuperPower of our SuperTeam is that we are always ready to provide you the precise information you need.
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