We are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

2015 is a very special year for us. It will be remembered as the year full of secrets. The year in which SuperHosting.BG is celebrating its 10th anniversary and did not miss to celebrate it properly.

It is obvious that we are growing up. In order to stay tuned with the latest trends we decided to have a look at our SuperSecret box and to reveal 10 of our most treasured secrets (as you are the first to know them). 🙂

1. We have many faces and all of them are smiling! Each of us is a unique, interesting, opinionated and ambitious person. Each of us has their hopes, dreams and a personal story to tell. That’s why we decided that our 10th anniversary is a great opportunity for you to meet our team. 🙂


2. Each time we hear our customers say “You are super cool”, reminds us that it is actually you who are super cool and inspire us to keep doing our best.

3. For the past 10 years we kept growing as a team, in terms of our customer base, and even our office space. We thought of sharing this with you, but then we decided it might not be so interesting.

4. During the last 10 years we have processed over 1.6 million queries in our customer support system. We started counting the phone queries, but it turned out that some of them are stored in another secret box.

5. One of the many entertaining queries we have received was addressed to “SuperHosting.BG” publishing house and a book it has “printed”. (We found the book and answered the query!)

6. To continue with the literary topic – we would like to officially announce that our managing director Lyubomir Rusanov is not the popular poet who publishes in many printed editions. However, many people in our team are very talented (our best works will be published soon by our publishing house). 🙂

7. The SuperSecret box is real! And there is a rabbit living in it together with all of our secrets. Sometimes when we take part in events and we carry the box with us, only true magicians can manage to take the rabbit out! (True Story)

8. We are super cool, but not perfect. When someone from our team has a birthday we always sing “Happy Birthday”, but unintentionally we perform it in a different tune and rhythm every time. Lately we even started singing it in foreign languages.

9. We have gifts for our friends in Bulgaria – SuperMugs! They are back – this time charged with even more super positive energy and they will keep you warm during the upcoming cold months. 🙂 The SuperMugs world premiere was in Bulgaria! And maybe… Coming soon in Europe! 🙂

10. Did you really think that’s all we have to give away? We are celebrating our 10th anniversary! Of course, we also have SuperDiscounts for you! You can find more on our website! Every new customer, that takes advantage of our festive discounts, will get the chance to choose their present!

Attention, please! You only get such presents and offers once every ten years! Do not miss them!

We revealed 10 of our SuperSecrets. It is your turn now!

Tell us what you are secretly wishing for our 11th birthday! 🙂

SuperHosting.BG is our SuperTeam! Every day we give our best to make our clients number one. The SuperPower of our SuperTeam is that we are always ready to provide you the precise information you need.
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