10 Free Tickets for Online Advertising Conference 2017

Can you optimize the following sentence: “On the last day of the third month in year 2017 something big is about to happen…”? Can you guess what is it?

That’s right – the third edition of Online Advertising Conference will take place on March 31st, at Inter Expo Center. The conference is for everyone who’s keen on web advertising and SEO so as to benefit from all the existing online marketing tools.

This year there will be even broader focus on digital marketing channels and tips for using them efficiently. There will be also many new interesting topics. Besides digital marketing channels we will also discuss how to achieve more effective implementation of your online projects. We will draw experience from web experts so as to learn how businesses can benefit from the web. We will also examine case studies with some of the best Bulgarian lecturers and guests from Russia, Ukraine, Singapore and Slovakia. Topics on the agenda will cover SEO, PPC, CPM, RTB, Mobile and e-commerce. SEO, UX and CRO real time analyses are also part of the program. OA Conference offers everything a digital enthusiast might need. 🙂

The program is divided into four panels offering great variety so that you can discover the most suitable information for you. SEO panel, Advertising panel, Mobile + e-commerce panel, Workshops +SEO laboratory, UX, CRO. Together with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 500 marketing experts and business people sound more than promising. Some of them will be:

Ognyan Mladenov, Genadiy Vorobiov, Boril Bogoev, Georgi Malchev, Stanislav Dimitrov and others. We also took a sneak peek at some of the hottest topics among the panels:

  • “Non-obvious effective techniques”, SEO panel
  • “Non-obvious opportunities offered by leading advertising platforms”, Advertising panel
  • “Specific features in promoting mobile applications”, Mobile + e-commerce panel
  • “Retaining customers loyalty”, Mobile + e-commerce panel
  • “Case studies and examples”, Workshops

The whole event program with all scheduled speakers is available on the event’s website.
The conference is suitable for online store owners, marketing experts, PR and advertising managers, web masters and people working on Usher Generated Content projects. If you recognize yourself in the above mentioned or you would just like to join the super cool gang and learn many fresh techniques, take part in our game and you might be among the 10 lucky to win a ticket for the event.

Answer the question:

List 3 important conditions for your website’s successful web presence.

Please leave your answers as comments below the article until 14:00 h on 20th March 2017. Our SuperJury will decide who will be the lucky 10 of you to win free tickets for Online Advertising Conference. We wish you luck and wait for you with loads of enthusiasm so that we have fun and learn many new things together!

Danilina Yarkova
Danilina Yarkova
Danny is a part of our SuperMarketing team. She bravely dives in a deep water of public communications. Her SuperPower is the unstoppable yearning for learning new things and putting them to live in her job and life. She believes that even the hardest question has its simple answer and is always ready to help a client and a friend.
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