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Security Vulnerability in Joomla! 1.5 Through 3.4 Patched

16 December 2015

Тhe vulnerability provides an opportunity for exploitation by remote code execution through the HTTP user agent. SuperHosting.BG customers, who are using services on shared hosting servers or Managed VPS, are completely protected from this Joomla! security breach.

Speed up Your Website... with Memcached!

16 January 2014

Memcached is an open-source software used to accelerate the operation of dynamic websites. Memcached caches data and objects in the RAM as they come from the execution of queries to databases, API fetching or results from loading pages.

How to improve your website security in 10 steps

7 February 2013

Today, our hosting company SuperHosting.BG launches a campaign under the code name Security! 🙂 By adding blog posts and specific guidelines on our help page we would like to achieve the best possible results together! This campaign focuses mainly on you and your websites. We rely on your questions and comments to "paint" together the whole picture ...