WordPress 5.2 Comes With White Screen of Death Protection and Site Health Check

WordPress 5.2 brings two new features that considerably facilitate maintaining a website. The first one is protection from fatal errors upon the execution of incompatible PHP code. The second feature is a tool enabling developers to obtain detailed information for the website's health, the system configuration and the server environment.

What’s the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com?

If you look for more information on "wordpress” online you will find two almost similar versions in the search results: wordpress.org and wordpress.com. Which one should you choose to create your website?

WordPress 5.1 Notifies Users to Update Outdated PHP Versions

WordPress 5.1 will detect the version of PHP that the site uses. If the version is lower than PHP 5.6, a warning message will appear on the administration panel. This is only part of the planned improvements to the system that will encourage better support and regular updating of sites and their technologies (such as PHP).