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10 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For This Year

23 February 2016

Your website design is the first thing to grasp your visitors' attention. It does not matter if it is powered by WordPress, Jооmla!, Drupal, another CMS, or it is a custom web solution. The right appearance inarguably contributes to great user experience. Having an eye-catching and user-friendly web design is a must.

Your WordPress Website – The Magical Power of Plugins

5 February 2016

A plugin is a software component which is installed on a particular platform (in this case WordPress) and adds specific features to it. There are tens of thousands of plugins installed on our servers. 27% of those are actually among the top 20 of the most popular ones. You can see them here...

Your WordPress Website – First Steps After a Fresh Install

22 January 2016

You already know that there are at least three easy ways to build a website - by using WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. By tradition we keep posting articles for web beginners. This time we will pay more attention on how to build a website by using WordPress. WordPress installation will take only a few minutes through the cPanel and the Softaculous library, which are available in every shared hosting and Managed VPS plan.

How to Build a Website - 3 Tricks for Beginners

25 November 2015

There are few easy tricks for building a website without need of coding. This is possible thanks to special platforms called Content Management Systems (CMS). In this article we will tell you more about them, but namely – which are the most common platforms, what are the similarities and differences between them and which one is most suitable for you.

How Does a Website Work?

11 November 2015

If you are now starting your first online project and you are overwhelmed with loads of questions related to the operation of your future website, this is the right article for you! You remember that we promised to answer these questions as well, don't you? You will get convinced that when it comes to websites, there is no room for worry and nothing is as complicated as it seems at first glance. And we we'll prove it to you! 🙂 Are you ready for a short introductory IT overview? Ready, steady, go!

Who is Nikola?

27 May 2015

Meet Nikola, named after Nikola Tesla! Thanks to Nikola, Python lovers can do wonders! Nikola is something different from the well-known ready-made systems like WordPress, Joomla! and all the rest. Nikola converts plain text files into .html files. Everything in the generated static website is an .html file – pages, articles, categories, tags, archive and RSS (.xml).